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Social Proof Popup Examples for Powerful Persuasion in Marketing

Ever checked the ratings or comments of a product before purchasing it? I almost hear you say "who hasn't anyway?" That's social proof in action.

Humans rely on the cues of others to decide, and they find it safer and easier than considering the pros and cons of each and every situation themselves.

“Man is a social being; it’s not surprising we love social proofs, it sells brands fast” - Bernard Kelvin Clive For quite some time now, almost all successful marketers have been using the social proof principle to persuade customers to purchase their products. It is basic marketing psychology to convince people to join the crowd.

In this guide, I'm going to show you 7 social proof examples on popups, how you can use them in your own business, and skyrocket your sales using social proof psychology.

# 1. Show Product Ratings

Product ratings help online businesses build trust and loyalty. They set your brand apart from the others. Why should customers choose your brand over others?

Do you have proof that your product is better? trust pilot reviews social proof

Prove your credibility and be a gem among stones by using cold hard social proof principle as your marketing method. It might be a star rating or points. Allow customers to rate your product. Take the bad comments into consideration and fix the problem. You can display the rating of certain products by targeting the URL of that item when creating a popup with Popupsmart.

# 2. Include Reviews

The concept of social proof is basically that people follow the actions of the masses. However, if that 'mass' criticizes your product badly, it won't be to your advantage.

show reviews to prove social proof with popup

First, you should focus on improving your product and allowing customers to review it. Having reviews on a website is a crucial move in marketing.

When the reviews are positive in general, they generate sales and turn browsers into customers. You can show the best review on a targeted page URL using a popup created via Popupsmart. Based on social proof psychology, more and more people will purchase your product relying on the reviews.

# 3. Reinforce Customer Trust

Is there a way to stop your customers from thinking twice or triple times before buying your product? Yes, there is; money-back guarantee. money back guarrantee popup

Displaying a satisfaction guarantee, money-back guarantee, or security logos will help you build instant trust between your brand and customers.

Popupsmart makes it super simple to create an attractive popup with a customer trust logo on it.

# 4. Create a Social Counter

Does your brand have a strong social media? You can use the number of your followers or likes to execute social proof marketing on your website. social counter instagram follow popup

You can easily create and display a popup that shows your followers and likes count, using Popupsmart's easy-to-use popup builder.

# 5. Show the Number of Subscribers

How many people have subscribed to your mailing list so far? Data is powerful proof that can earn credibility and convince more browsers to subscribe. subscribe popup as a social proof

Showing the numbers and data is one of the most popular types of social proof. Present the number of your subscribers through a popup to generate even more. You don't have to change the popup every time due to a small number of new subscribers. You can set the new numbers when there is a bigger change in the subscriber amount.

# 6. Highlight Testimonial Popups

72% of consumers state that their trust in a business increases by reading positive testimonials. You can highlight individual testimonials by presenting the most effective ones on a popup. This way, more customers can observe the positive testimonials about your brand and your conversion grows.

endersments as a social proof

You can create different popups with various testimonials for different web pages by using Popupsmart's advanced targeting options such as URL-browsing target.

# 7. Make Use of Endorsements

Endorsement marketing strategy positively influences the way customers perceive your brand. Endorsements can be paid or unpaid. If you plan to pay for it, celebrity endorsement would be rather expensive compared to influence endorsements. amanday cerny review to brand popup as a social proof

However, you can also use the reviews of renowned people in your business sector. Paid or unpaid, endorsements take up a huge part of marketing methods, even of the world-famous brands like Nike. Nike spends nearly $6 billion on endorsements per year. The simplest way to ensure that your visitors see the endorsements is by displaying them on a popup.

# Begin Using Social Proof Popups Today

With the social proof examples I gave you, you can start turning the tide in your favor right now. Popupsmart offers a simple way to power up your marketing efforts and strategy with social proofs presented on modern popup designs like the ones I created as examples above.

Get a step closer to your business goals by registering Popupsmart now for free. Do you have further questions? You can contact me via live chat (15-minute response time) or email me (12-hour response time).