Powerful Social Proof Popup Examples for Persuasive Marketing
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Powerful Social Proof Popup Examples for Persuasive Marketing

As online businesses continue to grow and become increasingly competitive, establishing trust and credibility with website visitors is becoming more important than ever.

Social proof is a powerful tool that can help you build trust with potential customers by showcasing the positive experiences and opinions of others.

Popups can take many forms, from displaying customer reviews and ratings to highlighting your business's subscribers or followers.

That's why we'll explore different types of social proof popups and how you can use them to increase your website's credibility and conversion rates.

1. Show Product Ratings

Product ratings help online businesses build trust and loyalty. They set your brand apart from the others. Why should customers choose your brand over others?

Do you have proof that your product is better?

Prove your credibility and be a gem among stones by using the cold hard social proof principle as your marketing method. It might be a customer review or ratings on a reliable customer review website.

example of product rating popup with its elements

For this, you can click “Add new element” and “Image.” Add the logo of the website, such as TrustPilot or G2. You can also add a customer’s image or use a stock image to increase reliability. From there, you can add the customer review as a headline or body text.

2. Include Reviews

The concept of social proof is basically that people follow the actions of the masses. However, if that 'mass' criticizes your product badly, it won't be to your advantage.

customer review popup

First, you should focus on improving your product and allowing customers to review it. Having reviews on a website is a crucial move in marketing.

When the reviews are positive in general, they generate sales and turn browsers into customers. You can show the best review on a targeted page using URL browsing targeting of Popupsmart.

To set URL browsing targeting, on the popup builder screen, navigate to the "Segment" section and click "Edit". (You can click the two circular arrows to see all predefined segments or create one from scratch in "My Segment.")

And add "URL browsing" under "Audience" by clicking "Add audience targeting."

url browsing targeting

Based on social proof psychology, more and more people will purchase your product relying on the reviews.

3. Reinforce Customer Trust

Is there a way to stop your customers from thinking twice or triple times before buying your product?

Yes, there is; a money-back guarantee.

Displaying a satisfaction guarantee, money-back guarantee, or security logos will help you build instant trust between your brand and customers.

Popupsmart makes it super simple to create an attractive social proof popup with its high customization options that allow you to add a customer trust logo on your popup.

In order to add a customer trust logo, simply click "Add a new element" on the "Customize" step and choose "Image" on the popup builder screen.

moneyback guarantee popup

4. Create a Social Counter

Does your brand have strong social media? You can use the number of your followers or likes to execute social proof marketing on your website.

You can easily create and display a popup that shows your followers and likes count using Popupsmart's easy-to-use popup builder.

In order to add a social counter, simply click "Add a new element" on the "Customize" step and choose "Social" on the popup builder screen to add your social media accounts. And by adding an image or text element, you can display your social media numbers.

adding social media

5. Show the Number of Subscribers

How many people have subscribed to your mailing list so far? Data is powerful proof that can earn credibility and convince more browsers to subscribe.

Showing numbers and data is one of the most popular types of social proof. Present the number of your subscribers through a popup to generate even more.

You can achieve this on your popup builder's "Customize" step. Just add new elements such as text, images, or social sharing buttons to get the impact you desire.

social proof numbers

You don't have to change the popup every time due to a small number of new subscribers. You can set the new numbers when there is a bigger change in the subscriber amount.

6. Highlight Testimonial Popups

72% of consumers state that their trust in a business increases by reading positive customer testimonials. You can highlight individual testimonials by presenting the most effective ones on a popup.

This way, more customers can observe the positive testimonials about your brand, and your conversion grows.

You can create different popups with various testimonials for different web pages using Popupsmart's advanced targeting options, such as URL browsing targeting.

To set URL browsing targeting for your popup campaign on the popup builder screen, navigate to the "Segment" section and click "Edit". (You can click the two circular arrows to see all predefined segments or create one from scratch in "My Segment.")

And add "URL browsing" under "Audience" by clicking "Add audience targeting."

adding url browsing targeting on builder

7. Make Use of Endorsements

Endorsement marketing strategy positively influences the way customers perceive your brand. Endorsements can be paid or unpaid. If you plan to pay for it, celebrity endorsement would be rather expensive than influence endorsements.

However, you can also use the reviews of renowned people in your business sector. Paid or unpaid endorsements are a huge part of marketing methods, even for world-famous brands like Nike.

Nike spends nearly $6 billion on endorsements per year. The simplest way to ensure that your visitors see the endorsements is by displaying them on a popup.

Social proof popups have become a powerful tool for persuasive marketing in the digital age.

By showcasing the positive experiences of satisfied customers, businesses can build trust, credibility, and authority with their target audience, ultimately increasing conversions and sales.

It is super simple to create such a popup with Popupsmart. Just add the necessary elements by clicking "Add a new element" on the "Customize" step and make the necessary changes to the element.

endorsement popup

Go ahead and try Popupsmart's ready-to-use, stylish popups to make the most out of social proof for your business now!

Need a hand? Contact Popupsmart!

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