64% More Annoncement Visibility

How to announce something effectively on your website without making a UX mistake?

The website consists of many pages and categories. Sometimes, this can make it difficult to announce an important announcement or a campaign.

Generally, the slider area on the home page is preferred to make a general announcement, but this is not an effective method because not all visitors log into your website from your home page. Your website visitors can log in directly from your category page, blog page, or the product page. Therefore, you will not be effectively showing your announcement on the home page.

For effective announcement, popups are a powerful tool. You may think you are annoying, but I'll show you how to create a UX popup to affect the user experience.

# Step #1 Create a free Popupsmart account and setup in just 1 minute

signup popupsmart

# Step #2 Click "Show Up Announcement" business objective

After you signup to popupsmart, then click the "Create a New Popup" button then choose the "Show Up Announcement" business objective to start. create a announcement popup for free

# Step #3 Select the right popup design

As you can see in the video below, you can choose the popup design that best suits you, set the popup's appearance type, and select its position.

# Step #4 Make sure you don't make UX mistake

People may ignore annoying popups. Therefore, you should adjust the design and position settings that do not disturb the popup.

You can effectively announce with a popup with sufficient contrast in the right corner, as seen below.

black friday deal announcement popup creation for free without ux mistake