# How to Verify Your Website

There are two essential steps to take before you start displaying conversion-ready popups on your website. One is installing Popupsmart on your site with a single embed code, and the other is verifying your website/s.

Follow the steps below to add a new website to your Popupsmart account and verify it in minutes.

Step 1. Make sure you embed the code correctly on your website.

unique embed code

See How to Embed the Code on your Site or;

If this is your first time, then you can also choose to follow the onboarding steps on your dashboard or hover over your account from the right corner and click Your Embed Code to see your unique embed code.

Important: Adding the Popupsmart embed code to your website is a one-time requirement. Please, do not add your unique code on the same website more than once.

Step 2. To add a new domain on your Popupsmart account, hover on “Account” from the top right corner of your dashboard and select “Websites” from the menu.

click websites from the menu

Step 3. Click on “Add new website” to add a new domain.

add new website

If you have already added your domain, then skip this step.

Step 4. Create a New Popup and choose the new domain. Save & Close.

creating a new campaign

Step 5. Go to the Publish tab and click the Verify button next to your domain.

If the selected website for the campaign isn’t verified yet, there will be a red Verify notice next to it on the Publish tab, as seen in the example below.

verification warning

Step 6. Follow the instructions on the verification modal.

  • There are two steps in the verification modal; the first one is embedding the code on your website. However, if you already have, skip it.

  • To add a subdomain, click on the Add Sub Path button and enter the path. For example, site.com/contact or /french.

add new sub path

  • Then, click Verify Your Site.

verify button

Side note: You may add more than one website or subdomain for the same campaign. To do that, click Add New Website on the Publish tab and verify it following the same process, if you havent already done.

Step 7. A badge will open in a new tab. If you see the verification confirmation badge below, your website is successfully verified.

  • You can click the close button and return to your Popupsmart builder screen.

verification badge

Important: If you add the embed code but can not see the verification popup, you can add ?popupsmart_verify_domain=1 to the end of the address url on your website.

Note: On sites with a cookie policy, it is necessary to accept the cookie to see the verification badge.

When you return to the builder screen, a congratulations modal will be seen as below and there’ll be a Verified notice next to your domain under Websites in the Publish tab.

successful verification screen

Still have questions about verifying your website? Feel free to contact us!