# How to Embed the Code on your Site

Popupsmart makes it easy to display smart popups on your website without writing a single code. There will be only one constant code to integrate Popupsmart with your website.

Once you embed this one-line code on your website, you will not need to repeat this step or add a separate code for each popup campaign.

Let's see how you can embed the code on your website.

1. Click On "Your Embed Code" on the top left corner of your Popupsmart dashboard.

popupsmart embed code 2

Copy the provided embed code that works on all website platforms. Paste the code between the body tags on your website's source code.

You can either embed the code following this step or add the code to your website after creating your popup.

2. Once you get to the "Publish" step of the popup builder, copy the provided embed code and paste to your website's source code as instructed.

popup embed code

3. Go to your website’s source code and place the given code after opening the body tag.

website source code 1

Now, you can see your very first popup on your website. Enjoy driving conversions and gathering new leads with your popup!

We also offer integration guides for specific web platforms and CMS platforms.

Have any other questions about embedding popup codes on your website? Contact Us!