# How to Embed the Code on Your Website

Installing Popupsmart on your website is a one-time requirement, and it only takes a few minutes. You can quickly complete the setup with your unique embed code, and you’ll never need to repeat the process again. Plus, there’s no coding knowledge required.

Additionally, Popupsmart works on your site with a single-line JavaScript code of only 97KB in total. So your website speed will remain unchanged.

There are 3 different ways to add the embed code to your site.

  1. Embed the code on your website.

  2. Setup with popular CMS services.

  3. Setup with Google Tag Manager.

Important: Please, do not add your unique embed code to the same website more than once. Otherwise, it may not work.

Follow the steps below to learn how to embed the code on your website.

# Step 1. Login to your Popupsmart Dashboard.

Popupsmart login screen

# Step 2. Hover over your Account from the top right corner and click on Your Embed Code from the menu.

Popupsmart dashboard

# Step 3. From the opening modal, copy the provided embed code to your clipboard.

unique embed code

# Step 4. Open your website’s admin panel from a new tab on your browser.

  • Next, navigate to your site’s template file and find the opening of its <body> tags.

  • Paste the Popupsmart embed code just before the closing of the <body> tags.

website template file

Navigate to popular guides if you need:

# Step 5. Save the changes. Congrats, you’ve successfully installed Popupsmart on your website.

  • Now, return to your Popupsmart Dashboard for a couple of additional settings. Hover over your account and click Websites.

click Websites from the corner menu

# Step 6. Add a website if you haven't yet.

If you haven’t added a domain that you’ll create campaigns for, click on Add New Website and enter your website URL (for example, example.com). Then, click the Save button.

  • Important: The Free Plan covers only 1 website, so you need to upgrade your plan to add more domains. You can create separate campaigns for different domains or use the same popup for multiple domains.

adding website to Popupsmart account

# Step 7. Verify your domain

In order to display your campaigns on your website, you need to verify the domain/s you added to your Popupsmart account. See the documentation on how to verify your domain.

  • On the Publish tab, you’ll see a red “Verify!” notice next to your domain.

  • Click on that notice and follow the steps on the opening modal.

On the first step, you’ll see the embed code defined to your account. If you haven’t embedded the code on your website yet, you can do so by copying it from here. Those who have already embedded the code may skip this step.

Important: If you have a sub-path for your domain, you can add it by clicking on the Add Sub path button. I.e., example.com/english or /contact.

verification modal

  • On the 2nd Step, click on the Verify Your Site button.

verify your site button

  • Once the verification is complete, the confirmation badge you see on the modal will appear on a new tab. Then, close it and the process will be done.

Note: If you add the embed code but can not see the verification popup, you can add ?popupsmart_verify_domain=1 to the end of the address URL on your website.

  • Once you complete the verification process, in the Publish section of your campaign, you will see a green verified badge next to your domain under Websites as in the following image. That means you’re all set to publish campaigns.

popup builder screen

Quick Tips: Make sure the status of the campaign you want to publish is on. Also, if you still can’t see the popup on your website, you can use the Debug Mode to detect the issue and quickly fix it.

Find the Debug Mode on the popup builder screen (editing) of the campaign you want to check. Access it by clicking on the bug icon from the right middle side menu on the screen.

debug mode icon

Still stuck? Contact us via live chat or email us at [email protected].