# How to Upgrade Your Current Popupsmart Subscription Plan

You can easily upgrade your Popupsmart subscription following the steps below.

On your Popupsmart dashboard, hover over your account from the right corner and click on Billing to go to the billing page.


Click on the Upgrade Plan button of the plan you want to upgrade to, and a secure checkout section will appear.


Fill in the billing and payment information, then click Place Order. Additionally, note that you can view a summary of your billing from the summary section on the right.


The information you provide at checkout will be on your invoice. In addition, you can find a list of your downloadable invoices on your Invoices page.

Important:All Popupsmart plans are billed annually therefore you will be charged for the yearly payment. However, you can always downgrade your subscription and receive the payment of unused days of your current plan.

For more detailed billing information, see How Billing Works.