# How Billing Works

Before diving into how billing works, let us remind you that both the account owners and sub-accounts have permission to view the billing page and invoices on the dashboard and upgrade/downgrade plans.

# The Billing Page

the billing page

To go to your Popupsmart billing page, hover over your account from the dashboard and click Billing. On this page, you can upgrade or downgrade your current price plan.

  • All price plans are billed annually, and payments are processed regularly through the secure payment software Stripe.

You will be charged for the annual payment amount once you purchase a paid plan.

Upgrading Your Plan

To upgrade your current plan, click on the Upgrade Plan button of the plan you want to switch.

upgrading your plan

Once the secure checkout shows up, enter your credit card information along with the required billing info. The summary section includes the Coupon Code Discount (if you have any), Total billed now, and Total bill next year.

  • For any upgrades in mid-cycle, unused days of your current paid plan will be automatically calculated and deducted from the price of your upgraded plan.
  • The Total Billed Now section indicates how much you will be charged this year based on the refund calculations, if any.
  • The Total Bill Next Year section is the amount you will be charged next year.

checkout page

Downgrading Your Plan

Similar to the upgrading process, you can also downgrade your current plan anytime you wish. Just click a Downgrade Plan button on the Billing page.

The same Secure Checkout section will appear on your Billing page. Once you fill in the form, you can place your order. Again, you can observe the amount you will be charged according to the refund calculations.

# The Invoices Page

Go to your Popupsmart dashboard and hover over your account from the top right corner to view your invoices. Then, click on Invoices from the menu.

the invoices page

All your invoices are listed on your Invoice Page with the billed amounts and dates, as seen in the example below. You can download each as you like.

downgrading your plan

Invoices are generated based on the information you provided on the billing page.

# Billing FAQ

Does Popupsmart have a monthly billing option?

We’re billing subscriptions annually, but you can buy an annual plan and downgrade or cancel your subscription after using it as much as you need. You will be refunded for the remaining days of your annual plan. So, it’s all risk-free.

How can I switch to the Free Plan from a premium subscription plan?

If you’d like to switch your account to the Free Plan, you may contact us through live chat or email us at [email protected].