What is a Broken Link?

A broken is a hyperlink on a web page that no longer works because it's encountering one or more of the folllowing issues. It is also known as a "dead link".

404 file not found broken link representation

  • An incorrect URL entered by the website owner for the link.
  • Website has removed the linked web page.
  • Webpage is permanently moved; therefore, the page no longer exists.
  • User is behind a firewall that blocks access to the desired website.
  • Website owner linked to a site that is behind a firewall that does not allow outside access.

Broken links can be problematic for;

Search rankings because they affect user experience very badly: making users unable to access the desired resource or information.

Customer experience so the website's organic traffic may fall. Also, your overall bounce rate decreases for no reason.

Reputation because the website is perceived as not updated and full of broken links.

Wondering how to resolve your broken link problem? Here are some tips;

Regularly use Ahrefs to check the status of your outgoing backlinks and where they are located within your website. You can also run a Site Audit and see broken links with your domain name.

Redirect your broken webpage to a new location to prevent broken links.

Avoid using deep links unless you absolutely have to.