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What are Average Page Views? - Average Page Views Definition

Two men examining their business's average page views

According to Google Analytics, the definition of a page view (or page view hit/page tracking hit) is an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a browser. Page Views is a metric defined as the total number of pages viewed. Average views of a page are the average amount of people viewing a single page. High average page views are a good sign as soon as conversions occur because it leads to customer engagement.

Average Page Views

The total number of page views divided by the total number of visits during the same timeframe.

Average Page Views per Visit= Page Views / Total Visits

Sophisticated users may also want to calculate average page views per visit for different visitor segments.

“Page Views” is a fairly generous measurement. If you land on a page, that’s a pageview. If you reload that same page, it counts as another. If you leave the page and come right back, it’s yet another pageview—all from the same page and user.

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