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With this e-book, you will gain knowledge about the common jargon of digital marketing. Some subheadings have also been added to help you better understand each term.

The terms in this e-book are related to;

  • Email marketing,
  • Content marketing,
  • Conversion rate optimization,
  • Search engine optimization,
  • Lead generation,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Influencer marketing.
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Call to Action (CTA) is any persuasive message inviting users to perform a specific action. You can see the most common CTAs almost every day, such as "Add to Cart ”, "Buy Now”, "Subscribe”, or “Download for Free“.

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Inbox Placement Rate

Inbox Placement Rate (IPR) is the percentage of sent emails that were able to reach the targeted inboxes rather than the spam or junk folders of subscribers. Calculated as number of emails delivered / Number of emails sent.

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Retargeting, often defined as Remarketing, is a type of online advertising that helps a company to show its product to a customer after a visit. It is the customization of ads in accordance to customer visits.

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