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Why People Hate Newsletter Pop ups & Should We Really Use Them?

Today we see thousands of websites asking for our email addresses and to be honest, most people hate them.

In this article, we’ll talk about the prejudices against newsletter pop ups and the reasons behind it. We’ll also be covering some TIPS for you to display ads through popups.

People have a right to their prejudices regarding popups because firms, business owners and brands don’t use popup display ads properly.

I’ve always mentioned the benefits of popups in my articles. In this case, let me add:

“As long as they’re used productively, they’re beneficial!”

Imagine that you’re having fun with a friend of yours over the weekend.

While walking on the streets you see a cute coffee shop and you can smell the beautiful aroma of coffee and brandy.

Coffee shop store front image

You decide to go in and grab a cup of coffee for each of you! Once you enter the shop, you get to thinking... how about getting a slice of cake too? As soon as you approach for a closer look, the coffee shop associate appears between you and cakes and says:

"Hey there, wouldn’t you like to be notified every week of our special coffee beans and types of desserts? Become part of our coffee shop now by sharing your email address here. If you don’t want to subscribe to our coffee shop, just leave or worse, you can’t buy anything"

What kind of an experience would that be?

It’s quite similar to how one would feel when faced with all those irritating popups in real life.

That’s why people are so biased against popup services

Try to think about it. Are you taking care of your leads, your subscribers, your email list, your sales conversions at all?

Business communication and digital marketing strategies.

If your answer is yes, then you should keep reading this article.

Don’t bother people with irritating messages over and over again.

Popups Are a Good Way To Grow One’s List

Popups are very effective because they trigger the core elements of how a customer behaves. To provide the highest motivation to the users, popups need to be used correctly.

How? Like that;

Newsletter popup example for subscription.

Pick the Right Time

Timing is everything.

Choosing the right timing will save your business and help you build trust.

Allow your website visitors some time to understand your services and products before launching popups at them.

Don’t use poorly executed popups such as one that emerges the moment a website visitors arrives at your homepage.

I mean, this is meaningless when you consider that those people haven’t had a chance to see whether they like any of your products. It’s not the right time to ask them to hand over something as personal as their email address. It is annoying and it will not help your conversion rate.

If you want to use this service, pick the correct methods to do so.

For example, with Popupsmart you can build your popups and set some rules for displaying them.

You may choose to show your popups;

  • after visitors spend x minutes on a specific page of your website,
  • after scrolling x% of a landing page or after x minutes of inactivity,
  • before leaving your website.

No matter how you set your rules, please avoid showing popups as soon as a visitor enters your website.

Mind Your Language

Popup example to show how to use engaging language on campaigns.

Another “absolute must” factor to using popups effectively is to be careful about your language usage. People get tired of feeling like they must always buy something from you.

They don’t need to be told. If you provide something valuable, they’ll eventually come again, check it out and buy it. You don’t have to demand that they purchase your product through annoying popups with irritating sales language.

Be cool, don’t disturb them. Ask for their email addresses politely by providing something valuable in exchange.

Be Unique

I am tired of seeing the same kind of popup display ads around the web. There is nothing attractive about it guys. Please, be more creative with your ideas and think outside the box.

Brand Your Popups

Design popups looking like they belong to your website rather than being extremely out of place.

Customize your popups according to your digital campaign goals and use the same colors as your brand logo and the same typography on your website.

Popupsmart, a no code popup builder offers advanced customization features for you. Still, you can create your first popup for free.

Show Creativity

Creative newsletter popup example.

We’re talking about your business here. Use these TIPS to increase your conversion rates.

For example, I really don’t care about the exact numbers…

What I do care about is returning visitors, engaging people, and interested consumers. Because I need them, I need to build a transactional relationship with them. That’s why I have mentioned the importance of customizing.

Customize Everything for Your Customers

Try to solve a real problem or provide something of real value. Otherwise, people don’t care about your ordinary, boring and old-fashioned popup displays.

Maybe we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s what we all do in today’s digital world!!

We’re in a hurry…

People don’t have time to wait for your popup to disappear. In other words, should they believe it will be worth their time in terms of your products and services?

Think about it….

Pop Ups Work

Popupsmart users collected 10,215,431 email addresses with newsletter pop ups in less than a year. Obviously, they can use this data to grow their businesses.

For example, exit-intent popups and full-screen popups work better. As long as they’re built with a provoking headline, powerful call-to-action message, creative images, and a great giveaway…

If you are not sure how to create triggering exit intent popups, take a look at our recipe; Double Your Conversions with Exit-Intent Popup. Also, check out some of the best exit-intent popup examples of famous brands to determine yourself a starting point.

What is call-to-action?
Reduce cart abandonment with exit intent popup example.

It’s reasonable, isn’t it?

Example Statistics of Popup Service

Have a look at these statistics of our popup services.

As one of the largest travertine, marble, and limestone providers in the USA, Sefa Stone started its operations in 1996 in Turkey and expanded them to the USA in 2006. Sefa Stone’s customers were having trouble with how to measure the size of the products as well as understand the installation process.

In this case, we provided Popupsmart’s advanced popups to help them increase their conversion rates.

We boosted their conversion rate with communication support line popups. We showed an exit-intent popup to 20,300 people and received 1,006 opt-in forms after only one month.

They experienced a 4.5% increase in sales conversion which means 382.28 sales after a month. If you know how to improve things, you can make your conversion rates skyrocket!

Moreover, in 2020, the average conversion rate for email subscription popups is 3.75% with the lowest conversion rate of 0.88% and the highest conversion rate of 10.01%!

So, as long as you pick the right choice for popup services, especially in newsletter pop ups, getting results becomes a piece of cake.