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How to Add Featured Products to Your Shopify Store - 8 Steps

All your products need to be displayed, but some featured products can be easily highlighted on your Shopify store.

Sometimes, you need to distinguish your products for your visitors to make them realize more easily.

And adding featured products on Shopify is a good move to promote your products, increase sales, and improve user engagement.

We have searched and found how you can add featured products to your Shopify store in the easiest way.

These 8 steps will help you cover the process with related images. Let’s start now!

What are Featured Products on Shopify?

Featured products are the products that stand out on your Shopify homepage, product pages, or any of your pages.

You can display your products as featured on your Shopify page easily and for different purposes.

To showcase your products properly, you need to decide on your strategy and determine which products need to be featured.

While choosing your featured products, you shouldn’t exaggerate and choose extra products to display, but you need to use them as incentives.

Why Do People Use Featured Products on Shopify?

two people deciding on their marketing strategy

The store owners use featured products on their Shopify store for several reasons.

When we take a look at them, the first purpose can be promoting the products. You may have a new campaign or a product to emphasize, then featuring products will be helpful.

Another reason is to make more sales. Making more sales can’t be like shelling peas all the time, but you may increase your sales by highlighting a collection.

Featured products can also be your announcement. When you have new products to show, you can add them to the homepage and welcome your visitors.

How to Add Featured Products on Shopify?

Adding featured products on Shopify will not take your time much, but you can have benefits by doing it when boosting your sales and increasing user engagement.

Before starting the process, make sure you have products in your Shopify store beforehand.

To add products, click “Products” from your Shopify admin and click “Add product”.

Step 1: Go to Your Shopify Store and Find Collections

First, choose the “Products” tab on the left sidebar. Then, click “Collections”. Now, choose the “Create collection” button on your Shopify store.

finding the collection under the Products tab on Shopify

Step 2: Create Collection

Fill in the related details, like the Title, Description, and Collection type, and click “Save”.

creating collections on Shopify with details

Step 3: Find Your Products

After creating your collection, scroll down to find the “Products” section. Click “Browse” next to the search bar to add the products.

product section on collection on Shopify to browse

Step 4: Choose Your Featured Product

Choose your product by ticking it and then “Add” it.

choosing product to add on Shopify

The product is added to your collection now.

Step 5: Customize Your Theme

Move on to the left sidebar to choose “Online Store” and “Themes” to customize your store theme.

customizing themes on the Online Store tab on Shopify store

Step 6: Add Featured Product Section

Your website might have a default featured products section. You can edit it or add a specific product to the feature by clicking on “Add section” and “Featured product”.

adding featured products on Shopify

Step 7: Change the Collection to Add Featured Products

To edit the Featured Products section, click on this tab and scroll down on the same bar to “Change the collection” on the Collections.

changing collection on Shopify

Step 8: Arrange Your Collection to Showcase

Now, choose your target collection to display as the Featured Products and click “Select”.

selecting collection for featured products on Shopify

Don’t forget to “Save” after these changes to display your collection.

saving featured products on Shopify

The Easiest Way to Add Shopify Featured Products

You have already learned the process of adding featured products to a Shopify store.

Now, it is time to learn the alternatives!

the gif when Jimmy Fallon says and points "Now"

You can display your featured products to your customers with Popupsmart as well.

With the Shopify element, one of the most useful components of our builder, you can show your featured products.

All you need to do is to add the Shopify element to your popup and arrange the elements based on your featured products.

the sample of creating a sense of urgency popup for shopify

You can use the Shopify element for incentivizing, upselling your product, or creating a sense of urgency. It totally depends on your choice.

If you need some more inspiration, you can go and see our popup templates on the Playbook.

To Sum Up

Adding featured products to your Shopify store is not rocket science.

By following these eight steps, you can easily show your products to your customers and let them know about your highlighted products.

Don’t forget to choose your featured products and marketing strategy wisely.

And whether with the process of Shopify or with Popupsmart, you should start your parade.

We will always be here and ready to answer your questions about the Shopify element when you determine your featured products for your Shopify store.

Frequently Asked Questions

To display featured products doesn’t need that much effort, but if there is any question mark on your mind, check these FAQs.

What is the Difference between Related Products and Featured Products on Shopify?

Related products are similar to the recommended products on your Shopify store. You can display related products after your visitors add a product to their carts or examine a specific product. However, unlike the Featured Products, related products don’t appear on your homepage. You can exhibit your featured products on the homepage for attention and showcase.

How Do I Remove Featured Products from My Shopify Store?

To remove featured products from your Shopify store, customize your theme, and there you can remove the collection by clicking the Featured Products part and changing the collection or directly removing the specific part. The products will no longer be displayed as featured products in your store.

How to Decide the Products to Feature on Shopify?

It depends on your sales strategy, but there are some general points that you might want to consider. For instance, you can give a chance to your new visitors with your most-preferred products. Or, you can note that prices or discounts can be highlighted as well. Last but not least, you can show your clearance products or seasonal picks to your visitors depending on their intent.

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