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16 Best Marketing Communities That You Can Join in 2024

Best marketing communities can be your go-to solutions when you need inspiration for your business.

It is possible to dive deep when it comes to marketing your business.

Besides, it is also probable to help people by giving answers and sharing your knowledge.

If you don’t know where to start or new popular online communities to join, let’s examine them together!

What Are Marketing Communities?

Marketing communities are the platforms where you can discuss issues, share opinions, and collaborate with people.

Depending on the category of the community, you can interact with other people by considering different branches of marketing.

Since there are more than thousands of subjects to discuss in marketing, we divide them into sections.

diverse group of people community togetherness sitting as a circle

SaaS Marketing Communities

SaaS Marketing Communities are places for networks focused on marketing strategies for Software as a Service (SaaS) products.

These communities likely provide a platform for SaaS marketers to share insights, discuss trends, and collaborate on effective marketing approaches for their software offerings.

1. Popupsmart Community

  • Founder: Emre Elbeyoglu
  • Audience: Marketers, e-commerce owners, startup founders, UX & UI designers, growth members, and product managers.
  • Activity: Extremely engaged
  • Members: 22 (Newly founded)
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: Totally free
Popupsmart Community latest page with topics

Popupsmart Community is a community where people can touch upon different topics.

Conversion rate optimization, digital marketing, and e-commerce are the top fields of the audience of the Popupsmart Community.

Popupsmart Community aims to enlighten people by creating a collaborative area to share experiences in different categories, like General, Site Feedback, Growth Marketing, Success Stories, Community AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and other special campaign announcement pages.

What you might pay attention to is that members share campaigns and exclusive deals from different brands to inform each other.

2. Indie Hackers

  • Founder: Courtland Allen
  • Audience: CEOs, founders, developers, growth marketers, copywriters, SaaS authorities
  • Activity: Extremely active
  • Members: Over 40.879
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: Free
Indie Hackers homepage with sample topics

Indie Hackers is a famous community that meets people who show interest in products, new marketing opportunities, and SaaS-related sharings.

The members of Indie Hackers are very eager to share their experiences and seek help from the other members of the community when queries are examined.

While Allen presents an atmosphere of sharing and growing, he also provides opportunities for people who search for a job.

Therefore, if you are in need of an occupation or answers to your questions, Indie Hackers is the right place for you.

3. r/SaaS Reddit

  • Founder: Ch Daniel
  • Audience: SaaS owners, online business owners, founders,
  • Activity: Active
  • Members: 84K
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: Free
SaaS community of Reddit

r/SaaS is an effective part of the Reddit community.

Since Reddit is a great place to share, learn, and discover, r/SaaS serves as a source for new SaaS beginners.

Also, the best part about the r/SaaS community is that they share a monthly post and weekly feedback post to keep members updated.

4. Swipe Files

  • Founder: Corey Haines
  • Audience: Marketers, SaaS owners, growth members, content marketers, SaaS strategists
  • Activity: Engaged
  • Members: 500+
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: You need to pay $499 per year
Swipe Files homepage

Swipe Files does not only present a community but also serves as a consultant.

For the community part, there are people who have expertise in SaaS and strategies to grow business in terms of MRR, CRO, and marketing efforts.

Sharing SEO advice, Crowdsourced ideas, and AMAs with experts are available when you join the community.

We think that it is a good idea to join, but you might want to check your budget before doing so.

Online Marketing Communities

For defining online marketing communities, you can imagine marketers gathering to share insights, discuss strategies, and collaborate on various aspects of digital marketing.

Therefore, everything online can be included in this section.

5. Superpath

  • Founder: Jimmy Daly
  • Audience: Content marketers, freelancers, growth managers, business owners, strategists
  • Activity: Engaged
  • Members: Over 3K
  • Platform: Slack
  • Pricing to Join: Free, Slack Community for $20 per month, Superpath Pro for $500/year
Superpath Community page

Superpath Community is a platform where you can share remarkable experiences with managers and experts.

Including the weekly newsletters and podcasts, the Superpath community provides an advanced way of interacting with community members.

If you are interested in buying the subscription, you can take exclusive courses and calls when you need.

As a note, we find Superpath very helpful, but it serves as a consultant more than a community if you prefer the paid plan.

6. Online Geniuses

  • Founder: Moshe Markovich
  • Audience: Entrepreneurs, brand managers, founders, marketers, CEOs
  • Activity: Engaged
  • Members: Around 32.000
  • Platform: Slack
  • Pricing to Join: Free, but Pro is also available
Online Geniuses homepage

Online Geniuses is one of the most organized communities on this list.

By providing opportunities for job seekers, solutions to problems, a platform to meet new people, and resources for people, Online Geniuses prepares you all.

Plus, since the platform is rich, there are different fields that you can show interest in.

The fields range from affiliate marketing to influencer marketing, and you can find many answers to your concerns.

7. The Content Marketing Lounge

  • Founder: Nathan Collier
  • Audience: Freelancers, content creators, marketers, independent writers
  • Activity: Average
  • Members: 8.1K
  • Platform: Facebook
  • Pricing to Join: Private Access
The Content Marketing Lounge homepage

The Content Marketing Lounge is a platform for writers to find chances.

Unlike the previous communities, the Content Marketing Lounge gives more importance to providing writers with financial opportunities and keeping the community private.

There is no doubt that content marketers can find ways to learn and grow in addition to Collier’s collaborative application.

Also, the sources suggest that there is a website where you can reach CML, but what we reach is the Facebook group for now.

8. Growmance

  • Founder: Pavi Theva
  • Audience: Founders, startup owners, marketers, growth members
  • Activity: Engaged
  • Members: Over 16,000
  • Platform: Slack
  • Pricing to Join: Free
Growmance community with entertaining background

Growmance is the right place to engage with other marketers for the growth-centered perspective.

With tens of community channels, you can reach expert discussions and exclusive opportunities for your questions.

Besides, you can have personalized discounts and training courses.

SEO Communities

Now, the scope has narrowed, and we are moving forward to SEO.

SEO marketing communities are online platforms and forums where people interested in SEO share their interests and evaluate search engine trends and related algorithms.

9. Women in Tech SEO (WTS)

  • Founder: Areej AbuAli
  • Audience: SEO professionals, content creators, marketers, founders
  • Activity: Extremely engaged
  • Members: Around 5K in total
  • Platform: Slack, Facebook
  • Pricing to Join: Free

As a global community, Women in Tech SEO (WTS) serves as the best place to work as an SEO expert for women.

Sharing knowledge without any judgment and being able to create collaborative areas for women is possible with WTS.

The best parts we observe about WTS are its annual webinars, interviews, and podcasts to take inspiration.

10. SEOFOMO Chat

  • Founder: Aleyda Solis
  • Audience: SEO professionals, marketers, content creators, writers, founders
  • Activity: Engaged
  • Members: Around 635
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: Free
SEOFOMO Chat community

SEOFOMO Chat is a newly founded community with people who have great interest and experience in SEO.

For learning more about SEO updates, trends, and news to engage, SEOFOMO Chat prepares the playground.

Solis's newsletter contributed to the reputation of the community as well.

11. Traffic Think Tank

  • Founders: Matthew Howells-Barby, Nick Eubanks, and Ian Howells
  • Audience: SEO directors, marketing consultants, CEOs, founders, managers
  • Activity: Highly engaged
  • Members: Not known
  • Platform: Slack
  • Pricing to Join: $99 for Self-Guided Learning and $119 for The Full Accelerator
Traffic Think Tank-homepage with a striking above-the-fold

Traffic Think Tank is like an academy, along with being a community that can help you improve your SEO skills and growth passion.

By mentioning SEO and a wider sense of industry-related topics, TTT offers an amazing network that you can imagine.

Additionally, since TTT provides a Slack community with mentors, you will be getting the training and the spirit at the same time.

12. MOZ Community

  • Founder: Rand Fishkin, Gillian Muessig
  • Audience: Marketers, SEO experts, founders, freelancers, digital marketers
  • Activity: Engaged
  • Members: Over 500,000500,00
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: Free
Moz community with a welcoming banner

Moz Community stands out as a respectable community because, as you might guess, Moz is a famous SEO tool in the content marketing world.

What separates Moz from other online marketing communities is that Moz provides more resources, including free tools, for its members.

Plus, you may reach the facilities of Moz on your account whenever you wish without any charge.

13. Growth Partners Media

  • Founder: Ahmad Benguesmia
  • Audience: SEO professionals, growth marketers, digital marketers, content creators
  • Activity: Moderate
  • Members: Not known
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: Free and Paid
Growth Partners media membership page with green background

Growth Partners Media is a solid SEO community with quite advanced growth activities.

GPM is a platform that offers SEO link-building, and link-exchange possibilities are negotiated.

Therefore, you can consider this as you are stepping into a world where you can build SEO partnerships and collaborations.

The detail we need to share is that to elevate your efforts; you might need to choose a plan and get more chances according to your expectations.

Social Media Marketing Communities

When it comes to social media marketing communities, the perspective turns to social media platforms.

Trends, sharings, and innovations that social media hosts are talked about in social media marketing communities.

14. Social Media Forum by Warrior Forum

  • Founder: Allen Says
  • Audience: Social media managers, social media marketers, strategists, digital marketers
  • Activity: Under Average
  • Members: Over 1,700,000
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: Free
Warrior Forum social media forum

Social Media Forum by Warrior Forum is a collective place to find answers.

Unlike the previous digital marketing communities, Social Media Forum only displays a platform where you can exchange answers with fellow members.

Though the overview of the forum page might seem classic, the knowledge base and forums are enlightening and helpful in finding the right answers.

15. MP Social

  • Founder: Milina & Anna
  • Audience: Social media marketers, founders, brands, product managers, social media strategists, content creators
  • Activity: Moderate
  • Members: 20.4K
  • Platform: Website
  • Pricing to Join: Free
MP Social community with topics categorized

MP Social is a platform that is easy to reach and navigate through.

The topics are divided into the frame of social media platforms and the related issues.

Exhibiting all the courses, questions, announcements, feedback, and trends, MP Social can be an informative guide.

Moreover, as far as we can observe, brands can ask questions and create an interactive collaboration platform as well.

16. Social Media Today

  • Founder: Eli Dickinson and Robin Re
  • Audience: Digital marketers, social media managers, growth members, managers, founders
  • Activity: Active
  • Members: Over 285,000
  • Platform: LinkedIn
  • Pricing to Join: Free
Social Media Today community

Social Media Today is a rich feature platform where social media trends are evaluated.

Since social media platforms can host new trends for each day, Social Media Today (SMT) also prepares fresh content to keep people engaged.

The best part about SMT is that the platform prepares different branches for each category of social media platforms for their own.

To Wrap Up

In conclusion, all these marketing communities that we talk about are effective if you pay attention to specific fields in marketing.

If you are looking for a solution to get inspiration or need help with anything, these platforms can give you a hand.

Since sharing is caring, these best marketing communities will be your knowledge and discussion sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best marketing communities are obvious, but there are still some questions that need to be answered.

How Can I Actively Participate in Marketing Communities?

There are different ways to do that. You can engage in discussions, share your experiences, ask questions, and contribute valuable insights. By actively participating in conversations, you can easily build connections and establish yourself as a knowledgeable member of the community.

Should I Choose a Region-Specific Marketing Community?

Not always. You are free to join any of the communities based on the communities that you want to join. Therefore, you don’t have to limit yourself to joining a region-specific community. Please feel free to choose the one that interests you.

How to Choose the Right Marketing Community?

This is a question that you need to answer. However, if you need our help, we always recommend that you should consider your specific interests, goals, and level of expertise. You can even start by joining a few communities, assessing the content and interactions, and sticking with the ones that align best with your needs and preferences.

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