Showcase Your Collections with Popupsmart Shopify Element

What if we told you that you could customize and exhibit products on your Shopify store with Popupsmart’s Shopify element? Yes, here we are to help you increase your engagement, promote your products and recover your cart abandonment rate with a few clicks!

Increase Conversion with E-commerce Popups

Use Cases

The Shopify element will be your lifesaver when you have these examples of use cases. Let’s get started!

Exhibit Your Collections

Let’s say you have a collection to display and need to promote it for your visitors. It is more than simple since you can use Shopify elements directly for this purpose. Use a popup with the Shopify element and find the most straightforward solution. You will hit two birds with one stone; both highlight your products and save time.

Introduce Your New Products

Do you need to draw attention to your new products on your Shopify store? All you need to do is to decide what they are. The rest will take no time with the Shopify element. Showing the new arrival products to your customers will create a sense of exclusivity and you will increase the conversion.

Cross-sell Your Products

For maximizing the sales on your Shopify store, we know that cross-selling is necessary. Make recommendations for your customers that are special to them while making additional sales. That’s how you will improve their user experience and customer journey as well.

Pro Tip

Be direct with your words to your customers and show only the related products with their shopping experiences.

Reduce Your Card Abandonment Rate

Carts are the last chance saloon for you and your customers. Popups can prevent your customers from leaving, but more importantly, they can help you sell more. You will be not only the reminder but also the incentive for more opportunities in their carts.

Share Discounts & Products to Incentivize

Both Shopify stores and customers are quick in action, so make your customers’ shopping experience memorable with charming popups with charming offers. Discounts will stimulate the purchase decisions of your customers, and the products displayed as slides or cards will do the trick to increase the average order value.

Pro Tip

You need to create engaging discounts while showing your products to attract the attention of your customers.

Evoke a Feeling of Urgency

If you want to add some excitement to your customer’s experience, creating FOMO (fear of missing out) mostly works. Also, adding the power of exit intent will help your customers concede to take a look or continue their shopping.

Announce Your Campaigns

New campaigns are the light of new chances for both your brand and the customers. Then, embrace them all and create the chance to support customer retention with your new campaigns. With the right popup and the right campaign, you have no other option than to increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store.

Maximize Sales with Shopify Element in 3 Steps


Create a Popupsmart Account for Free

Click the “Get Started“ button and create a free Popupsmart account for your campaigns. Then, create your first campaign.


Add the Shopify Element to Your Popup

Among the components on the builder, you need to find and choose “Shopify” to include the collection of your Shopify store.


Customize Your Shopify Element

Add the “Shopify collection product feed URL” and customize the currency, button, and product template as you like.