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Would you like to grow your email list, retain card abandoning visitors, and collect feedback for your Shopify store?

Popups are not irritating with Popupsmart but rather a better way of doubling sales conversions.

It is possible to build a popup for your Shopify store without any coding knowledge. All you need to do is to customize a conversion-ready popup template in 5 minutes with Popupsmart.

You can use our advanced segmentation system to target the right type of customer group for your business.

You can read our blog post about best shopify popup apps.

Moreover, you can present the popup campaign at the right time to increase the possibility of sales conversions thanks to our smart display options.

In the popup builder, there is an Analytics Tab for you to instantly measure the performance of your popup campaign and track whether it complies with your business goals or not.

Let’s begin.

How to Create a Shopify
Popup with Popupsmart?

1. Sign up/Login to Popupsmart.


2. Click on “Create a New Popup” to start building your Shopify popup.

See our documentation if you are creating your first popup.


3. You can select your layout based on your business objectives. In our example, we’ll select “Collect Form Submissions”.


4. Here is our designed popup. You can design your popup on the “Layout” and “Customize” tab.


5. Go to the “Target '' tab after you're done with customization. We’ll select “URL Browsing” targeting since we need to show our popup to our customers after their checkout.


6. The last step on our dashboard is to go to the “Publish” tab and we need to add our Shopify website in order to add our Shopify popup.


7. After you click save, you’ll see a warning saying “Verify”. This means we need to verify our Shopify website first.


8. Go to your Shopify dashboard. Go to “Online Store”, “Themes”, “ click on the “Actions” on your current theme and select “Edit code”.


9. Go back to your Popupsmart dashboard and click “Verify”. Copy the provided embed code and go to your Shopify page again.


10. Find the theme.liquid layout on your left side menu. Go to the closing of your body tags.


Just before the </ body > tag, paste your provided embed code provided by Popupsmart. Then click “Save”.

11. Go back to the Popupsmart dashboard and click the next step, click the “Verify your site” button on the modal and it will direct you to your Shopify website. If you see the modal with a message “Popupsmart installation verified” on your website, it means you are good to go!


12. Here you have it!


13. Let’s publish our popup.


Still have questions? Contact us, and we will gladly help you.