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Send Confirmation SMS to Each Collected Leads via Zapier

Zapier allows you to do many things very quickly and automatically, with more than 1,000 integrations.

Since Popupsmart works integrated with zapier, you can set up an automation via zapier as you wish the data collected through the popup.

Today I will explain to you how we can send a verification sms to the person in the data collected via popup.

# Step #1 Create a Free Zapier Account


# Step #2 If you don't have a Popupsmart account, you can follow the instruction linked below.


# Step #3 Create a Zap and choose popupsmart to start zap.

make a zap button

search popupsmart

# Step #4 Add your popupsmart account into Zapier

enter api key to zapier

enter api to zapier

# Step #5 Choose a SMS provider to send sms

choose sms provider to send sms

# Step #6 Customize the sms message and save the automation!

zapier choose phone data

zapier popupsmart sms message cusomized

turn on zap zapier