Increase customer engagement by collecting feedback

Receive Feedback on Thank You Page With Form Popup

# Receive Feedback on Thank You Page With Form Popup

receive feedback form popup 1

If a customer decided to buy from you and complete their purchase, it’s a huge step! If you want to improve conversion rate & customer relations, it is essential that you understand what customers like and dislike. Therefore, we’ve developed a Thank-You Page Form Popup to make it easy for you to collect user feedback right after they made a purchase.


Let me show you:

Step 1: Create an account with Popusmart if you haven't already yet.

receive feedback form popup 2

Step 2: Select your business objective and continue to your dashboard. We would select “Collect Form Submission”

receive feedback form popup 3

Step 3: Create your popup! Customize it however you want.

receive feedback form popup 4

Step 4: Add a dropbox input to place Yes/No options.

receive feedback form popup 5

Also, we want to collect feedback from them if they are not satisfied with our service. Add a “Long From Input” option in our popup. Let’s not select “Require” since we only want feedback if they select no. You can make it required based on our goals.

receive feedback form popup 6

Step 5: Next, we will select “Target” on the left menu, click “Visitor Behavior”, then select “URL Browsing”. Set a URL that you want to show your popup on.

receive feedback form popup 7

receive feedback form popup 8

That is all! You just need to “Save and Publish” your popup.

Where are you going to review your feedback? From your “Leads” menu on your dashboard.

Let’s try it together. Suppose I wrote a feedback like this:

receive feedback form popup 9

When I submit it, you will be able to see my feedback on your “Leads” tab on your dashboard.

receive feedback form popup 10

receive feedback form popup 11

If you run an e-commerce website, then you certainly care about the user experience. So it is vital that you keep your checkout / thank you page creative and attractive, so that customers can have the best possible experience of your store!