4 Options to Target Your Website Visitors Based on Their Language with a Popup
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4 Options to Target Your Website Visitors Based on Their Language with a Popup

# 4 Options to Target Your Website Visitors Based on Their Language with a Popup

Targeting website visitors based on their languages gains prominence for global businesses. If you are a global website owner, you may have faced a segmentation challenge when introducing a new campaign or content concerning a specific language.

Targeting a specific audience with popup campaigns set according to your website visitors' language is no longer a challenge, which is one of the best practices for global sites.

You can get to know your audience language to convert more passive visitors into customers using Popupsmart with this quick guide!

# 1st Option: Target Your Audience Based on Browser Language

The "Segment" step on the popup builder is for targeting your audience. You can edit this part by clicking "Edit." To target your visitors based on their browser languages, click "Audience," then select "Browser Language."

adding browser language targeting

Select a language(s) to target your website visitors with a specific browser language targeting and save.

# 2nd Option: Target Language with URL Browsing

Browser language targeting is not the only targeting option you can use. Using URL browsing targeting can work just as perfectly for your website if your website has a site structure like; "domain.com/en/features"

adding language code to url browsing

As you see in the example, your website may have a language code in the URL.

Go to the "Segment" step, edit your current segment, and click on "Add audience targeting" under the "User Behavior" section. Next, select URL Browsing to add specific URLs with language codes such as "domain.com/en"

You can add language codes from "Advanced configurations" of URL Browsing targeting.

# 3rd Option: Target Language with Geo-Location

Another advanced feature you can use to target your visitors based on language is activating Popupsmart's Geo-Location Targeting.

The geolocation feature detects the geographical location, such as a country or a city, from which a user visits your website.

adding geo location targeting

Knowing the country a user is in lets you guess their language.

To set geo-location targeting for your campaign: Go to the "Segment" step in the popup builder and click "Edit" to change your current segment options. Then, select "Geo-Location Targeting" under the "Audience" part.

Determine the visitor locations you want to display your popup campaigns by selecting "Show in these locations" and entering country, region, and city.

You can exclude certain locations by selecting "Don't show in these locations."

# 4th Option: Use HTML Targeting to Target Language

Apart from the targeting methods mentioned above, you can also use HTML targeting to display your campaign based on specific content on your website.

If you have content in the language you want to target, then HTML targeting ensures you show your popup campaign in that content.

adding html targeting

To set up HTML targeting, go to the "Segment" step, edit your current segment, click on "Audience," and select "HTML Targeting."

Specify the HTML content of a specific page you want to target by filling in the "CSS Selector, Query" and "Enter Value" parts.

Complete other targeting settings if you want, and your popup will be ready to publish! Each website and visitor/customer profile is unique.

So, feel free to try out different segment solutions and combinations to find the best one for your website that converts more visitors.

Do you have further questions? You can always ask your questions via live chat and contact us!