Increase customer loyalty

Boost Customer Loyalty Using Smart Tags on Your Campaigns

# Boost Customer Loyalty Using Smart Tags on Your Campaigns

Smart Tags are specifically formatted texts that help display dynamically changing texts on popup campaigns based on user data. Did it sound too robotic? Let’s rewind it. If you have ever used curly bracket dynamic texts on your email service provider, you already know Smart Tags.

For example, you can address your website visitors by their names or location to personalize the messages on your popup for higher conversions. Take the one below as an example.

increase customer loyalty with smart tags 1

Personalized messages increase customer loyalty more than generic marketing messages on popup forms. In fact, according to recent statistics by SmarterHQ, 72% of consumers exclaimed that they only engage with personalized messaging.

So, how does a Smart Tag feature on Popupsmart work?

It works on a campaign’s headline, description, input field names, success, and teaser popups. There are two ways to feed the Smart Tag data; JavaScript API and URL parameter.

URL parameter captures and shows the data when it is, for example,””.

JavaScript API functions as “psMetaData.add({ name: })”

You can find predefined Smart Tags for country, name, date, operating system, UTM source, and so on. (See our Smart Tag documentation.)

Here are a few creative ways to boost your brand’s customer loyalty using Smart Tags on your campaigns.

# 1. Welcome Messages for New Shoppers

You can welcome new visitors to your website by addressing them by name. This will ensure a sincere start and loyalty. To do that on your campaign, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: After creating a campaign and selecting a layout, proceed to the Customize step (2nd step) on your Popupsmart popup editor screen.

increase customer loyalty with smart tags 2

Step 2: Edit the Headline of your campaign and write a short welcome message followed by a name Smart Tag

  • Then, edit the description to type in your welcome offer in return for the user’s email address.

  • Click on the Email Input to edit it. Here you can make the field Required and activate the Validation Error message.

increase customer loyalty with smart tags 3

Step 3: Once you’ve fully customized your popup (including success and teaser popups optionally), go to the Target section (3rd step).

increase customer loyalty with smart tags 4

  • Click on Audience > New Visitors or Returning Visitors. Select only New visitors and save before closing the modal.

  • This will ensure that only new visitors landing on the page will see the welcome message and offer.

increase customer loyalty with smart tags 5

If you wish to show your campaign to mobile users as well as desktop, click on Visitor Device and select Mobile. However, note that it’s best to create the mobile version of your campaign separately with a more suitable popup layout. Then, you can preview the mobile version from the mobile icon on the right middle side of the editor screen.

  • Next, click on View Frequency to set up how frequently you display your popup. Here’s an example you can use for a welcome popup:

increase customer loyalty with smart tags 6

Step 4: Go to the Publish section. Optionally, set up your ESP integration and Respondent Email Notification.

  • If you set up Respondent Email Notification, you can send an automated email containing the discount code to users who submitted their emails through the form.

Click on Respondent Email Notification from the left-hand menu. From the opening modal, set up your autoresponder email. Save before closing the modal.

For email marketing integration settings, you can see our integration documentation.

Step 5: Your popup is all set! You can Save to publish later, schedule your campaign, or Save & Publish right now.

# 2. Address a Country-Specific Target Audience

Some campaigns might be specific to some regions. It’s an excellent tactic to maximize customer loyalty. In that case, there are two important settings you need to configure on your Popupsmart campaign. The rest is the same as the steps above.

Step 1: Instead of the name Smart Tag, write one of the location tags as below:

{{country}}: “United States”
{{region}}: “Ohio”
{{city}}: “Ohio”
{{countryCode}}: “US”

Step 2: Set up geo-located targeting. Go to the Target section > Audience > Geo Located. Configure which locations will see your popup or which will not. Then, save changes.

You can see our location-specific popup example below:

increase customer loyalty with smart tags 7

# 3. Target B2B Prospects with Company Name

Are you looking for a way to increase B2B customer loyalty? Now is the perfect time to target companies with a personalized campaign.

To show the dynamic campaign name on your popup, use a company name Smart Tag

increase customer loyalty with smart tags 8

If you feel stuck creating your awesome popup, check out our help documentation, YouTube channel, or feel free to contact us!