Reward Existing Customers for Their Feedback with a Simple Free Shipping Offer Popup
Collect Feedback with a Free Shipping Offer Popup

Reward Existing Customers for Their Feedback with a Simple Free Shipping Offer Popup

# Reward Existing Customers for Their Feedback with a Simple Free Shipping Offer Popup

One of the most common use cases for a popup is asking users to leave feedback.

Feedback is important for Shopify stores, and customers will be more encouraged to leave feedback if you offer free shipping.

To make your popup targeting more precise, you might want to show this popup only if the customer has made a successful purchase before to ensure your repeat customers feel valued.

So here is the story goes:

Sarah, the owner of a trendy Shopify fashion boutique, decides to offer free shipping to customers who leave a review on her store to encourage customer feedback.

But how can she target the right customers with her popup without annoying those who haven't yet made a purchase?

With Popupsmart's SiteData targeting technology for Shopify, Sarah can now create a popup campaign that targets customers who have made a successful purchase in the past.

This will not only ensure that her repeat customers feel valued, but it will also increase the chances of them leaving feedback for her store.

To create your own Shopify success story, follow these steps:

# Step 1: Create a popup campaign after logging in to your Popupsmart account (or sign up for free if you're new).

popupsmart register screen

Tip: You can either choose a multistep free shipping popup or create one for yourself and add a free shipping code from “Add a new element” to provide the visitors with the code after they submit their feedback.

adding the second popup step

# Step 2: On the popup builder screen, navigate to the "Segment" section and click "Edit" to add SiteData targeting. (You can click the two circular arrows to see all predefined segments or create one from scratch in "My Segment.")

editing the segmentation of popup

# Step 3: Add "SiteData Targeting" under "Audience" by clicking "Add audience targeting."

adding sitedata targeting step

# Step 4: Choose "Show popup" from the first dropdown menu and "Greater than" from the second.

adjusting the sitedata targeting options

# Step 5: The Property Keyword will be "shopify.cart.customer.totalOrder" and Property Value will be "0" to ensure we are targeting customers who made a purchase before.

No worries; by changing the Property Value to your desired amount, you can further personalize this targeting.

editing part of sitedata targeting

# Step 6: Now, add another SiteData targeting and select "Show Popup" only if the "shopify.cart.customer.firstLog" property keyword matches the property value "false".

second sitedata targeting

# Step 7: Save, publish, and it's all done.

last step on the builder

With Popupsmart's SiteData targeting, you can make sure your popup campaigns are targeted to the right Shopify audience, making your customers feel valued while increasing your chances of receiving feedback to improve your Shopify store's customer experience.

So, follow the steps and create your own Shopify success story today!

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