Popupsmart vs Optimonk

Popupsmart and Optimonk are both powerful conversion optimization SaaS service providers, but one will help you make money faster. Which is the better investment for your business? Decide yourself.

Optimonk Alternative Popup Builder: Popupsmart

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Popupsmart and Optimonk are both powerful conversion optimization SaaS services. Unlike Optimonk, Popupsmart goes a step further to convert your visitors into engaged customers continuously by using its competitive advantages.

Additionally, Optimonk has a more complicated user interface where Popupsmart works well for all digital marketers.

Here are some summarized reasons for why you should switch from Optimonk to Popupsmart.

Conversion Ready Popup Templates

Optimonk has a drag-and-drop editor for popup building, which is great if you are a designer. Otherwise, it is hard to create stunning campaigns without designing skills and experience.

Why bother using drag and drop editor when our Smart Editor allows you to create a popup with clicks?

We have design limits to ensure that the design details are within the necessary dimensions and have the power to convert customers.

Popupsmart has free, conversion-ready, and fully customizable popup templates to match on your business needs and popup campaign goals.

Competitive Prices

Optimonk offers a free account up to 3,000 page views whereas Popupsmart offers a life-time free account option for up to 10,000 pageviews.

Furthermore, Optimonk’s popup service price starts at $29 per month for 25,000 page views, while Popupsmart offers $29 per month for 100,000 page views.

See? Optimonk costs you more money than a better popup builder: Popupsmart.

Advanced Targeting Options

Optimonk presents excellent targeting options, but it falls short of some advanced features that Popupsmart offers at a lower price.

Let’s have a look at some of our advanced targeting features that Optimonk’s popups do not have.

Traffic Source

This feature enables you to display your popup campaign to visitors who comes from a specific traffic source. It is a great feature to create a connection between two brands, increase social media engagement rates, and target the right potential customers.

Device-Based Targeting

Device-based targeting enables you to run separate popup campaigns for visitors using different devices like mobile and desktop. Now, you can encourage customers to shop online by offering mobile discounts.

Zapier Integration

You may connect your Popupsmart account with a 3rd party digital marketing tool via Zapier. Popupsmart offers more seamless integrations to ease your job in collecting forms, gathering email marketing data, measuring campaign engagements, and much more.

4 Layout Options in Every Popup Design

Providing four layout options for every popup design is hard to optimize for every popup template. Therefore, it is a common problem within popup builders.

Unlike Optimonk, Popupsmart offers four layout options for every popup template: lightbox, full screen, and sidebar and floating bar.

Increase Engagement with “Teaser” and “Success Popups”

Different than Optimonk, Popupsmart enables you to ensure your popup campaigns are user-friendly. How? With teasers and success popups.

Teasers show visitors your campaign as a small preview first, then show them the full-size version of your popup once they click on it.

Success popups, on the other hand, enable your visitors to know that they have engaged with your brand successfully. It is also great for you while counting the conversions.

Stay Up to Date, Follow New Trends

After you start to cooperate with Popupsmart, there will be no need to follow trends to increase your conversions and engagement rate. Why? Because, from now on, we are here to provide you with solutions.

You can learn about new developments and fixes in our product via our Changelog page. You may also subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with the digital world.

We care about our customers, work hard to help them in the digital world and work smartly to make their job easier.

Let me clarify the statement above. Do you know any popup provider that offers a free wheel popup template? Now, you do.