Deepen Wanderlust Spirit and Boost Sales with Travel Popups

Travel agencies are the best friends of the explorers. Are you ready to announce your campaign, create reservations, and suggest programs now? Discover more with Popupsmart.

Deepen Wanderlust Spirit and Boost Sales with Travel Popups

Use Cases for the Travel Industry

Though there is more to go and explore on Earth, you are in the right spot with Popupsmart for increasing your interaction.

Grow Your Email List to Inspire for Traveling

We know hodophiles are everywhere and looking for new chances. That’s exactly where you shine. To highlight your newsletter and collect email addresses, you can take advantage of your popups. Therefore, it is possible to promote your campaigns and create incentivization for your subscribers.

Collect Direct Reservations in Minutes

If you are among the ones who don’t want to waste time and turn to action, direct reservation popups are the ones you are looking for. With useful form elements, you can collect visitors to arrange traveling spots.

Pro Tip

You shouldn’t include all the details about the reservation on your popup; using the necessary form elements is enough. The longer the form, the less possibility to fill in.

Recommend New Destinations to Your Visitors

Not everyone is born a traveler; sometimes, you need to awaken feelings and help travelers make a beeline for their new targets. Or, you still have a chance to know and make suggestions with effective popups.

Pro Tip

It is possible to present places on a simple popup with a button to direct or create a multi-step popup with a quiz.

Convince Your Visitors, Increase Your Bookings

Don’t you want to create a travel bug for your visitors? Social proof always works. You can share reviews from your customers and persuade your new visitors to have bookings.

Present Limited-Time Offers for Vacations

Creating a sense of urgency might sound problematic, but it triggers FOMO. By adding an effective CTA, a countdown element, and a directory button, you can draw attention to your offers.

Retain Your Customers with Rewards on Their First Purchase

Customer retention is as important as customer acquisition, and rewarding your customers can make you memorable. If you want to guarantee your customers come back, then use popups to show generosity.

Pro Tip

The coupon code element can be your first go-to element, and any popup type can help your campaign.

Join the Loyalty Program, Enjoy Free Trip Cancellations

Another retaining method is loyalty programs. With loyalty programs, you can reach your customers easily and create a bond while reminding yourself. In terms of awarding, trip cancellations can be a good choice to prefer.

Pro Tip

To automatize the responses for your customers, you can use the autoresponder email, and it helps you send the details.