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What is Lottie? Why & How to Use it?

Lottie is a file format used for vector graphics animation named after a German silhouette animation pioneer named Charlotte "Lotte" Reiniger.

It uses a JSON-based format with short, unreadable keys and was developed as a lighter alternative to animated GIFs and APNG files for use in various applications.

The format is resolution-independent, can include raster graphic elements, and supports interactivity and programmability.

Why Use Lottie?

Lottie animations have become increasingly popular due to several reasons. Let's see the reasons together.

Compact File Size

First, Lottie animations have much smaller file sizes compared to formats like GIF or MP4 while still maintaining high quality.

This makes Lottie animations a more efficient option for web and mobile applications, as they load faster and take up less storage space.

Infinite Scalability

In addition to their small file size, Lottie animations are infinitely scalable as they are based on vectors. This means that you can resize them up or down without any loss in resolution or quality.

This feature makes Lottie animations ideal for applications that require animations to be displayed across a range of different devices and screen sizes.

lottie animation with blue watercolor feel moving around to make a heart shape

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Lottie also offers multi-platform support and libraries, making it easy for developers to use Lottie animations on various platforms, including iOS, Android, web, and React Native, without the need for modification.

This feature reduces development time and effort and allows developers to create animations that can be easily integrated into various projects.


Another advantage of Lottie animations is their interactivity.

With Lottie animations, developers have the ability to manipulate the animation elements and create interactive animations that respond to user interactions such as scrolling, clicking, and hovering.

This allows for more engaging and interactive user experiences and can help improve user retention and satisfaction.

Where to Use Lottie?

Lottie animations can be utilized across a wide range of platforms, including web and mobile devices.

They can be easily integrated into both mobile and web-based applications and even used as stickers on certain messaging services. Lottie is not limited to just web or mobile devices, as it can also be utilized on desktop applications and smartwatches.

Additionally, Lottie offers cross-platform plugins and libraries for various platforms such as Web, iOS, Android, Flutter, React, Vue, Angular, and Sketch.

Moreover, Lottie animation files are supported in Figma, After Effects, and other software.

You can also use Lottie animations for creating animated popups.

animated popup by Popupsmart with a cat gif drinking a cup of hot beverage and exhaling visibly with a discount offer next to it

Popupsmart offers ready-to-use animated popups to boost your conversions, or alternatively, you can create custom animated popups in just a few clicks.

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