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20+ YouTube Video Downloader Apps (Free & Paid)

While YouTube allows users to stream videos directly from their platform, YouTube video downloader apps come in handy when users prefer to download videos for offline viewing.

With billions of users and hours of video content, YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video-sharing platform on the internet.

Thanks to video downloader apps, users download these YouTube videos to their devices, making it possible to watch them later without an internet connection.

Whether you're looking for a simple and straightforward app or one with advanced features, there's something on this list for everyone. So, let's dive in and explore the world of YouTube video downloader apps!

1. Tubecut

Tubecut is a software application designed for Mac computers, which enables you to both download and edit YouTube videos by removing unwanted sections.

tubecut video downloader tool homepage with the headline on top on a black background followed by a purple download button with a product hunt button in the bottom right corner

Top Feature: One can select the specific time frame they desire to preserve and then proceed to trim and download their videos.

Other Features:

  • Automatically detects links copied to the clipboard.
  • Download videos in various qualities ranging from 144p to 4K HD.
  • Its modern interface gives you a better user experience.

Price: It costs $9.99.

2. ByClickDownloader

ByClickDownloader is a simple, fast, and safe video downloader that allows download as many videos as you want at the same time.

ByClickDownloader video download app homepage with the headline on top followed by the body text and a big download button and social media icon illustration with a download icon below

Top Feature: The auto-detect popup message allows you to download videos with one click only.

Other Features:

  • Download entire YouTube playlists and channels, as well as entire Instagram pages.
  • Download videos in high resolutions, up to 8K, and convert them to various formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, and more.
  • Customer support response time is typically under 24 hours.
  • Download as many videos as you want at the same time.

Price: You can try it for free and buy for $10 for full features:

3. iTubeGo

iTubeGo allows you to download full HD, 4K, and even 8K videos from YouTube and over 10,000 other websites at lightning-fast speeds.

itubego video downloader tool homepage with the headline on the left followed by "learn more" button and the image of the tool interface on the right

Top Feature: By utilizing Multithread Technology, iTubeGo optimizes your computer's bandwidth and CPU usage to enhance download efficiency while ensuring no impact on your computer's performance.

Other Features:

  • Extract high-quality 320kbps MP3 audio from videos with ease.
  • Supports mp3 download from most music sites.
  • Turbo-fast downloads with significantly faster speeds, even for lengthy videos over 2 hours.
  • Download multiple videos at the same time.

Price: You can download it for free or buy the pro version for full features starting at $12.95/mo or $35.95 for a lifetime plan.

4. DVDVideoSoft YouTube Downloader

DVDVideoSoft YouTube Downloader allows users to download videos at high speed and in bulk.

DVDVideoSoft video downloader app homepage with the headline on top followed by a download button and an image of the app interface

Top Feature: DVDVideoSoft YouTube Downloader allows you to transfer downloaded files directly to iTunes.

Other Features:

  • Download YouTube videos at high speed without conversion.
  • Convert video files to popular formats like MP4, AVI, and MOV.
  • Get videos in Full HD, 4K, or even 8K resolution.
  • Easily search and save the most liked YouTube Shorts in bulk.

Price: It’s free!

5. 4K Download

4K Download makes the video download process simple. To download a file using 4k Download, all you need to do is copy the link from your browser and then click on 'Paste Link' in the application.

4k download homepage with the headline on the left followed by a download button and three windows showing the app interface on the right

Top Feature: You can have new videos from your preferred YouTube channels automatically downloaded.

Other Features:

  • Download YouTube playlists and channels.
  • Extract subtitles from YouTube videos.
  • Get 4K quality videos from popular video sites.
  • You can also download 3D and 360° videos.

Price: There is a Starter plan for free with no credit card required and no trial period. The Lite plan allows you to access main features for a year for €10. You can prefer the Personal plan to access main features for personal use for €15.

6. Snap Downloader

Snap Downloader provides a comprehensive video download capability and ease of user use.

snap downloader app homepage with the headline on top followed by a download button, rating stars and half of the app interface window visible

Top Feature: Snap Downloader can support resolutions up to 8K.

Other Features:

  • More than 900 websites are supported.
  • Convert your favorite videos to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMA, AAC, and many other output formats.
  • The built-in video cutter helps you download only the specific part of an online video or audio that you want.
  • Scheduled and batch download options.

Price: You can try it out for free or buy a monthly subscription for $7.99 USD/month. The annual subscription costs $29.99 USD / year.

7. HitPaw

HitPaw is an HD video downloader and a fast video converter with rich features for creative purposes.

hitpaw video download app homepage with the headline on the left followed by app features' list and "try it for free" and "download" buttons on the left; there is an illustration showing app preview on the right

Top Feature: With the built-in smart AI tools, you can easily expand your creative capabilities in no time.

Other Features:

  • Lossless converter for videos, music, DVDs, and images.
  • Advanced music converter for Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer.
  • Powerful video downloader for online videos, movies, and music.
  • Video editing tools to make your videos unique.

Price: You can try it for free or buy the lifetime plan for $79.95. There are also monthly and yearly pricing plans available.

8. YTD Video Downloader

YTD Video Downloader & Video Converter allows you to download videos, audio, and playlists to watch later and also convert videos to MP3 and MP4 formats.

ytd video downloader homepage with the headline on top followed by number showing the number of videos downloaded and a green download button

Top Feature: With YTD Video Downloader, you have the option to remove ads from the downloaded videos, enabling you to watch them without any interruptions.

Other Features:

  • Video download with 8K resolution.
  • Ability to download entire playlists.
  • You can convert videos to MP4 and other formats.
  • Ad-free experience with YTD Pro.

Price: You can download it for free or buy the Pro plan for $3.99 for more features like 2x download speed.

9. Allavsoft

With Allavsoft Video and Music Downloader, you have the ability to download videos, music, and subtitles in batches from over 1000 different websites.

allavsoft video downloader app homepage with the headline on top followed by download and buy now buttons and steps to follow to use the app

Top Feature: You have the flexibility to pause and resume your downloads at any point in time, making it a very convenient and user-friendly feature.

Other Features:

  • One click to extract audio from online video files.
  • Batch download and convert features.
  • Get support via email within 24 hours.
  • Preview and playback downloaded video files.

Price: You can try it for free or buy it monthly, yearly, or for a lifetime for $19.99, $29.99, and $69.99, respectively. Allovsoft also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

10. VideoHunter

With VideoHunter's comprehensive range of features, intuitive user interface, and impressive download speeds, you can easily download online videos and audio.

videohunter video downloader app homepage with two app headlines on the top left and right followed by tool feature info and download buttons

Top Feature: Using the batch download feature is the simplest and most efficient method to download multiple files at the same time.

Other Features:

  • Download any video from 1,000+ websites.
  • 1,000+ websites that you can download from.
  • 6X speed to save video & audio in bulk
  • Download YouTube videos with subtitles in all languages.

Price: There is a free plan available with limited capabilities like downloading 3 videos everyday. Monthly plan costs $9.95 while yearly plan is $29.95.

11. Inovideo

Inovideo provides users with two apps: one is a dedicated and professional YouTube video downloader, while the other is a powerful and easy-to-use online video downloader.

inovideo video download app homepage with two tool headlines on left and right followed by their features and download buttons

Top Feature: You can rest assured that Inovideo is completely safe from viruses, as it is protected by SSL encryption to ensure maximum security.

Other Features:

  • Download YouTube videos in 8K, 4K, 1080P, and 720P.
  • Merge YouTube subtitles with one click.
  • Download VTT/SRT subtitles in 50+ languages from the original video.
  • Choose to download soft subtitles and turn them on/off when watching downloaded videos.

Price: You can use the free version with limited capabilities or buy monthly plan for $9.95, yearly plan for $29.5 and family plan for $49.95.

12. CleverGet Video Downloader

CleverGet's Video Downloader enables you to download videos, TV shows, live stream videos, and music videos while supporting multi-tasking and playlist downloading.

cleverget video downloader app homepage with the headline on the left followed by download and buy now buttons and on the right, there is a computer screen with the tool preview on its screen

Top Feature: There are two ways to download live streams: by directly downloading the live video URL or by downloading the live video M3U8 link.

Other Features:

  • Up to 8K resolution.
  • Over 1000 websites to download from.
  • The Video Info Extractor lists important details like title, size, format, and resolution for you to download videos based on their needs.
  • Simple and straightforward UI.

Price: You can use it for free with limited features. One year plan costs $29.97 and lifetime plan costs 47.97. One year plan provides 5 days money back guarantee while the lifetime plan offers 30-day money back guarantee.

13. SaveFrom

SaveFrom is an online video downloader that offers a Chrome extension for ease of use.

savefrom online video downloader homepage with the headline on top followed by a search bar and social media channels' and video stream websites' icons

Top Feature: Scanned by Norton Safe Web for safety.

Other Features:

  • There is a Chrome extension available.
  • Fast and convenient access.
  • If multiple videos are on a single webpage, you'll receive a list of links for downloading.
  • No need to wait or install adware when downloading from file-hosting.

Price: It’s free!

14. VidJuice UniTube

VidJuice UniTube goes beyond the standard video downloader, offering one-click downloads for YouTube videos, playlists, and channels.

vidjuice video downloader homepage with the headline on the left followed by app features and download and pricing buttons and on the right, there are video streaming channels' icons on a laptop image showing the tool on its screen

Top Feature: You can download TikTok videos without watermarks using VidJuice and download live-stream videos in real time.

Other Features:

  • Download videos and audios from 10,000+ popular websites.
  • Private mode to hide and protect your downloaded videos with password.
  • Download videos in 8K/4K/2K/1080p/720p and other resolutions.
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously.

Price: Lifetime plan costs $29.95. You can also buy 1-Month Plan, 1-Year Plan, or Family Plan for $9.95, $19.95 and $39.95, respectively.

15. AllMyTube

AllMyTube by Wondershare allows you to download, convert, and manage online videos from over 1000 sites with ease.

allmytube video downloader homepage with the headline on the left followed by try it free button on a background showing a phone connected to a laptop via cable with movie posters on its screen

Top Feature: In addition to being able to set a time period for video downloading, this program can be scheduled to shut down automatically, enter sleep mode, or exit the program upon completion of the download.

Other Features:

  • Downloading YouTube videos and playlists, including 4K videos, is three times faster.
  • Manage your video content with ease using The Library, a tool for organizing videos.
  • Effortlessly extract YouTube MP3 files from your downloaded videos, eliminating the need for conversion.

Price: There is a free trial version with limited capabilities. The full version costs $29.

16. FastPCTools Video Downloader

Fast Video Downloader lets you download and convert videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other popular sites to formats compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and PSP devices.

fast video downloader homepage with a laptop image and a headline next to it followed by download button

Top Feature: It allows you to schedule downloads, allowing you to save both valuable time and internet charges.

Other Features:

  • Convert videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, and PSP device-compatible formats.
  • Download one or more videos simultaneously at the same time.
  • Automatically paste the video URL which you copied.
  • Change the resolution of the video without changing the format.

Price: You can buy it for $29.90 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

17. Airy

Airy YouTube downloader for Mac and Windows offers premium quality and convenience, saving users' time with its ability to download a variety of video and audio formats.

airy video downloader homepage with the headline on top followed by app features and download buttons and on the right, there is a preview of the tool

Top Feature: It allows users to download an unlimited amount of videos of any length from YouTube, making it a reliable solution for any video downloading needs.

Other Features:

  • You can manage your downloads and pause if necessary.
  • Ability to integrate Airy into your browser.
  • 20 different language translations are available for the app.

Price: Once you are satisfied with the app's features and capabilities, you can acquire the unrestricted full version for $19.95.

18. ClipGrap

ClipGrab is a free and easy-to-use application for downloading multimedia content from various streaming websites.

clipgrab video downloader homepage with the tool title and icon on top followed by a text explaining the tool with the tool features listed on the right

Top Feature: ClipGrab stands out among other video downloaders due to its built-in search function - a feature that is not commonly supported by other free downloaders.

Other Features:

  • The ability to identify the copied URL from the clipboard automatically.
  • Allows users to convert file formats between video and audio.
  • By monitoring the clipboard, users can conveniently keep track of all downloaded videos on their PC.

Price: It’s free!

19. Video Grabber

Video Grabber enables users to download videos from multiple sites in various formats, including HD, with just one click.

video grabber video downloader homepage with the headline on top followed by a search bar and download button

Top Feature: It allows for seamless conversion of any file format without compromising on quality or limitations.

Other Features:

  • You can convert any files into other desired file formats with no limitations and quality loss.
  • With the screen recording function, you can record anything on your computer and save it either as a screenshot or a video file.
  • Supports downloading HD videos.

Price: It’s free!

20. Any Video Converter/Downloader

AnyVideo is a very comprehensive video downloader and converter that can help you with your creative videos as well.

any video converter homepage with the headline on top followed by tool features and a download button and on the right, there is tool preview image

Top Feature: You can create animated GIFs from video clips or images.

Other Features:

  • You’ll not come across any watermarks or ads.
  • You’ll have a comprehensive free toolbox for video downloading, conversion, and editing.
  • Cut or trim videos to delete unwanted sections or split videos into segments.

Price: It’s free! You can buy Any Video Converter Pro for $39.95 for advanced video editing options.

21. Gihosoft

With Gihosoft, you can download videos from 100+ online sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

gihosoft video downloader homepage with computer and laptop images on the left and on the right there are tool features listed followed by download buttons

Top Feature: By utilizing the one-click download mode, users can quickly and easily download YTB videos with just a single click, provided that they have pre-set the desired download format, quality, and output directory.

Other Features:

  • Supports various formats such as 4K, 8K, 360, VR, 3D, and 60FPS on YouTube.
  • You can convert videos to MP3.
  • While converting a video, you can choose to add subtitles or a closed caption file to it.

Price: It’s free! You can also get Personal Edition (Lifetime) for $29.95 with free lifetime technical support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

22. KeepVid

Keepvid video downloader online allows for the downloading of online videos, with the added ability to convert them to MP3 and MP4 formats.

keepvid video downloader app with the headline on top followed by a search bar and social media buttons on a dark blue background

Top Feature: It also allows you to download youtube subtitles.

Other Features:

  • Helps you download videos from Youtube as mp4, mp3, and so on.
  • The app takes up very little space on your device.
  • You can download videos from more than 1000 websites.

Price: It’s free!

23. y2mate

With Y2mate YouTube Downloader, users can download any YouTube video in high-quality and multiple formats, including MP3, MP4, and 3GP, among others.

y2mate video downloader homepage with the headline on top followed by a search bar and tool feature text below

Top Feature: No registration is needed, and it’s always free.

Other Features:

  • Provides you with unlimited downloads.
  • Converts videos at high speed.
  • Fully compatible with all browsers.

Price: It’s free!

Before You Leave…

So, there you have it – a list of some awesome YouTube video downloader apps that you can use to download your favorite videos and watch them offline.

Whether you're a music lover or a movie buff, these apps make it super easy to save your favorite content for later viewing.

Especially when you're on a long flight or don't have access to the internet, these apps can be a lifesaver!

So, give one of the apps on this list a try and enjoy your YouTube content offline!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Download YouTube Videos to my Mobile Device Using these Apps?

Yes, most YouTube downloader apps are compatible with mobile devices and allow you to download videos directly to your phone or tablet.

However, make sure you have enough storage space on your device and that you're connected to a secure and stable Wi-Fi network before downloading large video files.

2. Is it Safe to Use YouTube Video Downloader Apps?

It depends on the app. Some YouTube downloader apps may contain malware or other harmful software, so it's important to choose a reputable app from a trusted source.

Always read reviews and do your research before downloading any app. Additionally, be cautious of any app that asks for your personal information or payment details.

3. How can I Download Videos from YouTube without an External App?

To download videos with YouTube Premium, simply open the YouTube app and sign in with your YouTube Premium account. Next, find the video you want to download and tap on it.

Look for the download icon (a downward-facing arrow) below the video, next to the Share button, and tap on it. Choose your preferred video quality and tap on Download.

Once the video is downloaded, you can find it in the Library section of the YouTube app.

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