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12 Best Marketing Attribution Software to Try in 2024

There was a time when, you may have found yourself lost in a sea of marketing campaigns, guessing which ones worked and which ones flopped.

Now picture an end to that, with a world where every decision you make is data-driven, paving the way for maximum revenue.

That's where marketing attribution software steps in.

They're the compass to your success journey, translating raw data into a map that guides you to your treasure-optimized campaigns.

It's not always a smooth process, mastering marketing attribution can be a stormy adventure.

But bear with it, for the bounty is worth it: game-changing insights that skyrocket your traffic and revenue.

Keep reading as we unveil the 12 best marketing attribution tools that will help illuminate your marketing path.

What is a Marketing Attribution Software?

Marketing Attribution Software is an analytical tool that helps businesses understand which of their marketing efforts are most effective at leading customers towards a conversion or purchase.

The tool helps you understand how actions, events, or touch points during the prospecting and sales processes contribute to the success of their marketing and sales teams.

This tool sheds light on various touchpoints in the customer's journey, allowing you to:

Identify impactful channels: Understand which marketing channels are contributing the most towards your business's goals.

Optimize campaign strategies: By understanding which campaigns work and which ones don't, you can focus your resources more effectively.

Make data-driven decisions: These tools provide detailed analytics that leads to more informed decisions.

All in all the essence of marketing attribution software is to transform complexity into clarity.

By accurately tracking each customer's journey and highlighting the most effective marketing channels, it allows businesses to make informed strategic decisions.

What are the Different Types of Marketing Attribution Software?

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Marketing attribution software can be divided into various types based on the models they employ to attribute credit for conversions. Understanding these types can help businesses choose the right tool that aligns with their marketing objectives. Here are some of the main types:

Single-Touch Attribution Software

Single-touch models assign all the credit to one touchpoint. There are two variants:

First-Touch: If a customer discovers a brand through a social media ad and later buys a product, the social media ad gets all the credit.

Last-Touch: Here, the final touchpoint before a purchase gets all the credit. For example, if a customer makes a purchase after receiving a promotional email, that email campaign takes full credit.

Multi-Touch Attribution Software

This software attributes credit to multiple touchpoints along the customer journey:

Linear Attribution: All touchpoints receive equal credit. If a customer finds a brand through a Google ad, reads a blog post, and finally makes a purchase after receiving an email, each touchpoint is credited equally.

Algorithmic Attribution Software

This software uses AI and machine learning to custom-allocate credit:

For example, if a customer interacts with multiple touchpoints – a blog post, a webinar, an email campaign, and a social media ad – the software analyses the impact of each interaction and assigns credit accordingly, resulting in a more accurate representation of each touchpoint's influence.

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In the end, choosing the right marketing attribution software depends on your specific needs and the complexity of your customer journey.

Each type offers unique insights to optimize your marketing efforts.

What is the Best Marketing Attribution Tool in 2024?

A good marketing attribution tool helps you optimize your campaigns and resources, thus eliminating guesswork, and adopting data-driven insights.

Successful implementation of marketing attribution tools serves as a catalyst for increased conversions & business growth.

The attribution software listed below paves the way for a new level of understanding in marketing effectiveness, empowering you to maximize your potential and propel towards your goals.

1- HubSpot Attribution

hubspot dashboard reporting software page

HubSpot Attribution is a comprehensive tool designed to help marketers unlock the secrets of their most effective campaigns.

Acting as a detective, it tracks every customer interaction to reveal which specific marketing activities lead to conversions and revenue.

It offers extensive reporting and tailorable attribution models, guiding businesses in reshaping their marketing strategies, armed with concrete data.

Utilizing the HubSpot dashboard & reporting software can lead to smarter, more profitable decisions that heighten marketing effectiveness.

Pricing: Hubspot Marketing Hub is a comprehensive marketing software offering automation, reporting, and campaign tools, starting at €792 per month or a discounted annual price of €9,493 billed upfront.

Hubspot Marketing Hub’s G2 Rating: 🌟4.4/5

2- Triple Whale

triple whale attribution software homepage

Triple Whale is a robust marketing attribution software designed to simplify and optimize your marketing efforts.

This tool provides a detailed and insightful view of your customer journey, allowing you to accurately allocate resources and strategically plan your marketing initiatives.

With Triple Whale, you can easily track and evaluate the effectiveness of various touchpoints and campaigns, thus enhancing your decision-making process.

Its key features include multi-channel attribution, real-time analytics, and integration capabilities.

Whether you're looking to improve ROI, understand the performance of different marketing channels, or streamline your campaign strategies, Triple Whale offers a comprehensive solution.

Pricing: Triple Whale offers TW Attribution plan for data unification, informed decisions, and increased ROAS at $300/mo, along with Pixel Attribution, Post Purchase Survey, Affluencer Hub, and Cohorts.

Triple Whale’s G2 Rating: 🌟4.6/5

3- AppsFlyer

appsflyer marketing attribution software homepage

AppsFlyer is a powerful marketing attribution tool that primarily targets mobile apps.

It facilitates tracing app installs back to touchpoints scattered across the digital landscape.

With AppsFlyer, you can gain valuable insights to tweak your campaigns for optimized performance.

It accurately assigns conversions to different promotional channels, whether that's app stores, social media platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, television, email, or organic traffic.

Pricing: AppsFlyer offers three pricing options: Zero, which is free for life; Growth, which is priced at 7 cents per conversion; and Enterprise, which offers custom pricing.

AppsFlyer’s G2 Rating: 🌟4.4/5

4- Google Attribution 360

google analytics 360 marketing attribution software homepage

Google Attribution 360 is an advanced part of the Google Marketing Platform that allows you to view your marketing performance panoramically across different channels.

It harnesses the power of data-driven attribution models, helping marketers identify the most impactful touchpoints in the conversion process.

With this innovative tool, fine-tuning your marketing strategies becomes less guesswork and more science, ensuring maximum return on investment.

Pricing: The paid plan is available at $12,500 per month or $150,000 per year, and offers advanced analytics including attribution modeling on top of the features provided in the free version.

Google Attribution 360 G2 Rating: 🌟4/5

5- CallRail

CallRail marketing attribution software homepage

CallRail is another great marketing attribution software that stands out due to its unique focus on call tracking and analytics.

It allows businesses to pinpoint which marketing campaigns are generating phone calls, thereby enabling a more comprehensive understanding of their marketing strategies.

By recording and analyzing calls, it provides insights into customer behavior, helping you tailor your approach for greater effectiveness.

Additionally, it tracks online conversions with precision, giving a clear picture of the customer's journey from online interaction to phone call.

If your business relies heavily on phone interactions, CallRail can be a game-changer, providing crucial data to help optimize your campaigns and improve return on investment.

Pricing: Starts at at $40 per month, with additional usage charges. It allows you to measure, analyze, and demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns that rely on phone calls.

CallRail’s G2 Rating: 🌟4/5

6- Adobe Analytics

adobe analytics marketing attribution software homepage

Another great attribution tool you can use is Adobe Analytics which offers a profound understanding of customer interactions across multiple touchpoints.

As part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, it brings marketing and advertising performance into a unified perspective.

Its role in marketing attribution is crucial, providing the power to decode the impact of different strategies and optimize them for greater effectiveness and profitability.

All in all, Adobe Analytics is a great option that helps you to rewrite your marketing narrative with precision and confidence.

Pricing: Adobe Analytics has no free version and can cost differently depending on how many hits you have, to get a detailed pricing plan you can request a custom quotation.

Adobe Analytics’ G2 Rating: 🌟4.1/5

7- Ruler Analytics

ruler analytics marketing attribution software homepage

Ruler Analytics serves as a bridge-builder, connecting your marketing efforts directly to sales outcomes.

It links phone calls and form submissions back to their origin - your marketing activity - allowing for precise attribution.

By providing clear visibility into what's driving leads and conversions, Ruler Analytics empowers businesses to shape their marketing and sales strategies based on substantial data, making it a reliable compass guiding them towards efficient and profitable marketing campaigns.

Pricing: Ruler Analytics offers pricing starting from £199 for Small/Medium Businesses. The pricing is indicative and can vary based on factors such as monthly traffic volumes and specific product, data, and integration requirements.

Ruler Analytics’ G2 Rating: 🌟 4.8/5

8- RedTrack

redtrack marketing attribution software homepage

RedTrack is an advanced ad tracking and attribution solution designed to help businesses fully understand and optimize their marketing efforts.

It provides real-time analytics and detailed performance reports, allowing you to identify which campaigns are driving conversions.

Its robust attribution models let you track the customer journey across multiple touchpoints, helping you gain a deeper understanding of the most effective strategies for your business.

This tool is a reliable ally in the quest for increased ROI, making it an essential component of any serious marketer's toolkit.

Pricing: RedTrack offers a Solo plan at $149 per month, with annual billing saving you $298, and a Team plan at $249 per month, where choosing annual billing saves you $498.

RedTrack’s G2 Rating: 🌟4.1/5

9- Adjust

adjust marketing attribution software homepage

Adjust is a sophisticated mobile marketing attribution tool that empowers businesses to understand the full customer journey across all digital touchpoints.

It leverages advanced analytics to monitor and measure user engagement, providing invaluable insights into the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Adjust offers features such as fraud prevention, audience building, and automatable workflows, making it a comprehensive solution for managing your marketing efforts.

Its granular, real-time data allows marketers to identify successful campaigns and optimally allocate their marketing resources.

This mobile-centric approach makes Adjust particularly valuable in today's digital landscape, where mobile usage continues to soar.

Pricing: Adjust offers a base free plan but does not publicly disclose its pricing, and it typically offers custom pricing based on the specific needs and size of your business.

Adjust’s G2 Rating: 🌟4.2/5

10- Windsor.ai Analytics

windsor.ai marketing attribution software homepage

Windsor.ai Analytics brings marketing attribution to a new level by integrating AI technology.

Similar to Adobe Analytics, Windsor.ai offers a unified view of the customer journey across all channels but additionally applies machine learning for more accurate attribution.

This helps businesses understand which campaigns are truly driving conversions and optimise their marketing spend effectively.

Pricing: Windsor.ai offers a tiered pricing structure to suit different needs: a free tier for those starting out, a basic plan for $19 per month for more extensive features, and a standard plan for $99 per month for comprehensive access to all features and services.

Windsor.ai G2 Rating: 🌟4.8/5

11- Rockerbox

rocketbox marketing attribution software homepage

Rockerbox takes the complexity of today's multi-touchpoint customer journey and simplifies it.

This tool focuses on providing marketers with accurate data on the impact of their marketing efforts across all channels, in real time.

With its multi-touch attribution model, Rockerbox traces all touchpoints in a customer's journey, highlighting which marketing strategies are driving conversions and helping businesses optimize their campaigns for maximum return on investment.

Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, Rockerbox equips you with actionable insights to make data-driven decisions and boost your marketing effectiveness.

Pricing: Rockerbox offers custom pricing based on the specific needs and scale of your business, ensuring you only pay for what you need. You can get a personalized quote by contacting their sales team directly.

Rockerbox’s G2 Rating: 🌟4.7/5

12- Singular

singulat marketing attribution software homepage

Singular is a marketing intelligence platform that combines attribution with campaign data aggregation.

One of its standout features is its ability to consolidate data from various platforms, including mobile and web analytics, ad networks, and CRM systems, into a single dashboard.

This allows marketers to see a complete picture of their customer journey and make data-driven decisions.

Singular is an excellent choice for businesses seeking to maximize their marketing ROI through a sophisticated, data-driven approach.

Pricing: For pricing details, Singular offers a free plan and custom pricing based on the specific needs and requirements of your business. You're encouraged to reach out to their sales team for a tailored quote.

Singular’s G2 Rating: 🌟4.4/5

How to Use Marketing Attribution Reports?

Imagine standing at the crossroads of your marketing journey, where each path leads to a different customer interaction. How can you decide which path to take?

Here, marketing attribution reports serve as your reliable roadmap, guiding your steps towards successful conversions.

Now that you know the best marketing attribution software, let's see how to effectively navigate these reports:

1. Identify Your Goals: Begin by determining your marketing objectives. Are you aiming for more conversions, increased engagement, or perhaps better customer retention? This goal-setting will steer your journey through the report.

Consider you're targeting enhanced customer retention. In this case, your focus should gravitate towards data on recurring users and their favoured touchpoints.

2. Decipher the Attribution Model: Different models, like Last-Touch, First-Touch, or Multi-Touch, underpin marketing attribution reports. Understanding the way these models credit touchpoints is key.

Take the Last-Touch model for instance. It credits the final marketing activity a user interacted with before a conversion. Knowing this, you can concentrate efforts on your most effective "closer" strategies.

hands holding papers with analytics charts and pen working on a desk

3. Scrutinize Touchpoints: Explore which channels or touchpoints are leading customers to convert. Do they primarily come from social media ads or are your email campaigns driving them?

If the report shows most conversions originating from social media ads, you might consider bolstering your efforts in this area.

4. Monitor Performance Trends: Keep a close eye on the ebb and flow of your marketing strategies' performance by regularly reviewing your reports. This practice unveils the effectiveness of your efforts over time.

If your switch to influencer marketing isn't yielding the desired impact, these reports will highlight the shortfall, enabling timely strategy amendments.

5. Strategize Based on Insights: and finally use the insights you've garnered to tweak and enhance your marketing strategies. Reinforce successful areas and revise the ones falling short.

Final Words

It's important to underscore that marketing attribution software isn't just a nice-to-have.It's a vital part of your marketing toolkit.

These tools provide critical insights into customer behavior and how your campaigns are performing, serving as the backbone of your data-driven decision-making process.

As you delve deeper into these platforms, you'll find that you can navigate your marketing strategies more effectively and confidently. Marketing attribution software enables you to turn raw data into actionable decisions that can significantly impact your business outcomes.

So as we wrap up, we encourage you to continue to harness the power of these tools.

Remember, a well-informed marketer is an effective marketer. So keep exploring these software options, keep refining your approach, and make every decision a strategic, data-driven one.

Your marketing success hinges on it.


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What is Mobile Attribution Tracking?

It is a method used to identify the marketing channels and strategies that drive app downloads, user engagement, and in-app purchases. It enables you to understand the customer journey across various touchpoints on mobile devices and helps data-driven decisions.

What is a Multi-Touch Attribution Model?

It’s an approach that assigns credit to multiple touchpoints or interactions that contribute to a conversion. This model recognises that customers often engage with a brand through multiple channels before making a purchase. It provides a more comprehensive view of the customer journey compared to single-touch models.

How Does a Cross-Device Attribution Work in Marketing Attribution Tools?

Cross-device attribution in marketing attribution tools allows businesses to track a user's journey across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This provides a holistic view of the customer journey, aiding in understanding how different devices contribute to conversions.

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