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Webydo is a website builder and CMS for designers that allows building white-label websites without code. You can add Popupsmart, a no-code popup builder, to your codeless design to boost your website engagement and turn your traffic into leads.

It allows you to create newsletter popups, contact forms, surveys, and more without any coding knowledge. If you’re ready to impress your website visitors with sleek popup designs while targeting the right audience, you’ll love Popupsmart.

Why You Should Choose Popupsmart

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No Coding or Design Skills Required

Regardless of coding or designing skills, anyone can quickly install Popupsmart on their website and start creating beautifully-designed popup campaigns. In other words, it’s suitable for anyone and businesses of all sizes.

The only code-related part is copying and pasting a single-line embed code before the closing of your website template file’s <body> tags.

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Mobile-Responsive & Premade Templates

You can target your mobile traffic without worrying about disturbing the user experience. With Popupsmart, you can select to show your campaigns on desktop or mobile, or both devices. Once you choose mobile, your popup will be mobile responsive. You can preview while building it to tweak and make changes on the mobile version.

Additionally, there are many ready-made templates and design options to ensure your popup looks as excellent as your website. For example, you can add an image, video, new form fields, checkboxes, radio inputs, and more.

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Advanced Targeting & Triggers

The most successful campaigns are often the ones that have a conversion-focused audience targeting strategy. Popupsmart is designed to provide you with the latest targeting and triggering technology such as exit-intent, inactivity triggers, and geo-location, URL-based targeting.

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Integration with CMS, CRM, ESP Services

Popupsmart can seamlessly integrate with any website, including various CMS, CRM, and email marketing services. If your business goal is to grow your email list with new leads, you can connect your favorite ESP. Our direct integration options include;

  • MailChimp
  • Drip
  • ActiveCampaign
  • SendinBlue
  • SendGrid, and more.

If you don’t see your service among direct integration options, you can always use the Webhook or Zapier options to connect your Popupsmart account with another third-party app.

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Fast Loading Times

Most popup services in the market cause increase in load time, which disturbs user experience and eventually results in display issues. Popupsmart is designed with the user experience at the top of mind. Therefore, it operates on a one-line JS code that is only 97KB total.

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Reliable AWS Server

Popupsmart operates on the reliable AWS (Amazon Web Services) to bring your visitors and you an uninterrupted popup experience. With 99.9% uptime, there’s no room for server-related errors with us.

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Customer-Centric Support

In case you need our assistance, we are here to help as fast as we can. You can contact us via live chat or through our email at [email protected]. Our average live chat response time is 5-15 minutes at most during office hours and 2 hours at most for email support requests.

Out of office hours, our average response time is 2 hours at most.

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GDPR & SEO Compliance

If Google considers the popups on your website as intrusive interstitials, it penalizes your search rankings. Therefore, you need to make sure to use a popup builder like Popupsmart to comply with Google’s guidelines and provide a better user experience.

In addition to SEO-friendly popup templates, with Popupsmart, you can comply with GDPR, CCPA, and e-privacy regulations in order to avoid heavy penalties due to e-privacy violations. Just add a cookie consent popup on your website to ask for visitors’ consent to your privacy policy.

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Free & Paid Price Plans

If you still have doubts about choosing Popupsmart as your popup builder service, you can start using it for free. We offer a forever-free plan covering a 5,000 pageview limit per month, one popup, one domain, various design, and targeting options.

Once your pageview quota fills up, you can either wait for the next month or take a look at our price plans that fit businesses of all sizes.

How to Create a Webydo
Popup with Popupsmart?

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Embed Code
  • 1
    Sign up on Popupsmart.
  • 2
    Select your business objective in designing the popup.
  • 3
    Customize the popup according to digital marketing goals.
  • 4
    Add the Popupsmart's embed code into a tag on Google Tag Manager
  • 5
    Publish the tag on your Google Tag Manager. Its done!