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Webydo is a website builder and CMS for designers that allows building white-label websites without code. You can add Popupsmart, a no-code popup builder, to your codeless design to boost your website engagement and turn your traffic into leads.

It allows you to create newsletter popups, contact forms, surveys, and more without any coding knowledge. If you’re ready to impress your website visitors with sleek popup designs while targeting the right audience, you’ll love Popupsmart.

Create Your Webydo Popup for Free

How to Create a Webydo Popup with Popupsmart?

To have a popup on your Webydo website, you can use Popupsmart. If your accounts are ready, let"s start!

1. Sign in to your Popupsmart account and choose Embed code to copy.

embed code ps

2. Copy the embed code you’re viewing.

copy embed code

3. Now, navigate to the Webydo site source code. Click the Pages or Plus + button to find Pages & Navigation section.

4. Among the list, click </> icon (angle brackets) on the About Us option.

5. You need to decide if you want to add code to a specific page or all pages and choose from the tabs.

6. Paste your embed code to the bottom of <body> blank and click Save. Then, click Publish.

7. Head to your Popupsmart account and hover over the profile icon. Click Websites.

websites ps

8. Choose + New website on the Websites page.

new website ps

9. Enter your URL and click Save.

add website

Your website is verified. If you see your website Unverified, click on it and refresh your page by visiting the Webydo website as well.

verified website

10. Now, click the Popupsmart icon and + New Campaign to add a new campaign.

new campaign ps

11. Enter your campaign’s name and choose the URL from the domains. Then, click Save.

webydo campaign

12. Choose one of the popup templates you like most.

popup templates

13. After customizing your popup campaign, click Save and Publish.

save publish ps

14. And your popup campaign is published successfully!

published campaign ps

Webydo Popup FAQ

Can I increase engagement with popupsmart on my Webydo website?

Of course, you can. Your popup campaigns created with Popupsmart will enrich your Webydo website. Feel free to be creative and publish the most effective campaigns with Popupsmart.

Who should use Webydo popups via Popupsmart?

If anyone has a Webydo website and wants more interactivity on their pages, Popupsmart is the right option. With Popupsmart, everything is easier, smarter, and much stronger.

Is it easy to publish popups on my Webydo website?

You have no idea how easy it is to do. You can easily prepare a campaign for your products or services. Then, paste the embed code to your Webydo website source. That’s all!

Can I create free Webydo popups via Popupsmart?

Yes, you can. Popupsmart offers a free trial with 5.000 page views to see your campaign's effectiveness. If you are happy with the results, then you can choose another pricing plan to elevate.

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