Popupsmart vs Sleeknote

Popupsmart and Sleeknote are both powerful conversion optimization SaaS service providers, but one will help you make money faster. Which is the better investment for your business? Decide yourself.

Sleeknote Alternative Popup Service: Popupsmart

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Popupsmart and Sleeknote are both robust conversion optimization SaaS services. Unlike Sleeknote, Popupsmart goes a step further to convert your visitors into engaged customers continuously by using competitive advantages.

Additionally, Sleeknote might run well for eCommerce websites but it is not a good fit for other use cases. Popupsmart, on the other hand, works well for every type of business.

Here are some summarized reasons for why you should switch from Sleeknote to Popupsmart.

Conversion Ready Popup Templates

A lot of marketers underestimate the power of well-designed and eye-catching popups in their popup campaigns.

Design is essential, especially for digital marketers who have no designing experience or skills at all. Don’t we know it!

Popupsmart offers free, conversion-ready, and fully customizable popup templates based on customers’ business needs and popup campaign goals.

Competitive Prices

Sleeknote offers 14 days of free trial where as Popupsmart provides a lifetime free account option for entrepreneur companies.

Additionally, the price of using Sleeknote starts with €95 per month for 375,000 page views, while Popupsmart offers $29 per month for 100.000 page views.

See? Sleeknote costs you more money than a better popup builder: Popupsmart.

Advanced Targeting Options

Sleeknote offers excellent targeting options, but it falls short of some advanced features that Popupsmart presents at a lower charge.

Take a look at some of our advanced targeting options that Sleeknote’s popups do not have.

In-activity Sensor

This feature enables you to display your popup campaign when your website visitor is inactive for a while. It increases lead engagement as well as provides a better session experience for the user.

Device-Based Targeting

With this feature, you can have separate popup campaigns for visitors using a desktop and those using mobile devices to browse your website. This way, you can manage mobile discounts better or encourage visitors to browse from their computers.

Returning visitors

Every smart marketer knows that obtaining a new customer is costlier than regaining a loyal customer. Also, retargeting campaigns are crucial for companies providing online services. Using the returning customer feature, you may show encouraging popup campaigns to convert leads into customers.

4 Layout Options in Every Popup Design

A common problem within popup service providers is that they do not offer different layout options for every popup design because layout integration is hard to implement and requires working smartly.

Unlike Sleeknote, Popupsmart offers four layout options for every popup template: lightbox, full screen, sidebar and floating bar.

Stay Up to Date, Follow New Trends

Can you follow digital marketing trends all the time? We can, and we do follow trends to provide better revenue-driven conversion solutions to our customers.

You can follow the developments and fixes in our product via our Changelog page.

We care about our customers, work hard to help them in the digital world and work smartly to make their job easier.

Let me ask you a question. Do you know any popup provider that offers a wheel popup template for free? Well, now you do.