Increase Brand Credibility More by Using Testimonial Popups
Increase credibility 2x by testimonial popups

Increase Brand Credibility More by Using Testimonial Popups

# Increase Brand Credibility by Using Testimonial/Review Popups

Testimonials are great for boosting a brand's credibility. How do we know it? Because social proof never gets old.

Also, you can increase conversion rates with the help of testimonials and user reviews because 9 out of 10 people trust what customers say about a business rather than what businesses say about themselves.

So why don't you try a popup to enhance your brand authenticity with proofs and facts from customers themselves?

Let's start and take a huge step toward your brand credibility, awareness, and recognition!

# Step 1: Log into your Popupsmart account and create a new campaign.

sign in ps

# Step 2: Customize and style your popup as you wish, then move on to the Segment.

Don't forget to add an action as "Go to the URL" and the target review page's URL for collecting reviews from your customers.


# Step 3: On the Segment step, click the Change or Edit to edit the segment.

segment change

# Step 4: You can decide when to show your popup in the User Behavior section by clicking "Add user behavior targeting."

user behavior

# And that's all!

Now, with just four easy steps, you have a testimonial popup to prove why you're worth checking out.

Not only can they give you an edge over your competition, but they also allow you to increase your credibility.

That's how you can use popups wisely and easily.

If you need help creating your testimonial or any kind of popup, you can contact us right away!