%98 Accurate City and Country Targeting

Show Your Popup Campaign Based on Your Global Website Visitors' Geo-Location

If you have a global website, it can be challenging to limit certain campaigns to decided locations. Aiming small is almost always better when it comes to audience targeting. A small target audience is easier to convert and achieve more successful results. Why do I say that? One word: Segmentation.

It is easier to target a segmented audience because you will know exactly what they like, where they are from, etc. And thus, you will be able to create converting campaigns targeting a certain group of visitors based on specific criteria.

So, do you have a location-specific campaign that you do not want to display to visitors from elsewhere? There is a simple way to do it.


It shows that our customer can use the English version of the site by popping up a popup to those who visit the website from outside Germany as seen on the website.

Popups with geo-located targeting! With this method, you can display your campaigns to visitors from the cities or countries that you decide. Well, okay but how to create geo-located popups?

The magical word is Popupsmart!

audience targeting with popupsmart

geo location targeting example popupsmart

Popupsmart allows you to create popups with advanced audience targeting systems including geo-located targeting.

  • Is it tedious to create a popup? Not at all! It is so simple that you will love it.
  • Does it take a lot of time to create a popup? On the contrary, it takes only 5 minutes to build your popup via Popupsmart.

Popupsmart knows from which part of the world the visitors are browsing your global website through their IP addresses. So basically you just select locations to display your popup or hide your popup, and Popupsmart does the rest!

Let's break it down to steps!

# Step #1 Create a free Popupsmart account and setup for your website.


# Step #2 Create a Popup Campaign

After registration, you will be directed to the Popupsmart dashboard. To create a new popup, click on "Create a New Popup."

Then you will be asked to select a business goal. Once you select your goal, you can start building your popup on the popup builder.

create a new popup button

# Step #3 Customize, Target and Publish Popup Campaign

First, choose a popup design template. Then, customize it as you like to make its design suit perfectly to your website.

Next, set up the targeting options of your popup. Click on "Audience" to see audience targeting options and select "Geo Located."

geo location audience popupsmart

Determine the locations you want to display your popup or hide it by simply entering the location names. Then, save it.

On the final step of the popup builder, verify Popupsmart embed code that you have pasted on your website's template file, just before the closing of the body tags.

publish a popup campaign

Then, set the status on and click on "SAVE & PUBLISH" to publish your popup. That's it! Now you can convert segmented customers based on their geo locations.

If you have any questions about geo-located targeting, you can check out our geo-located targeting documentation.

Still have more questions? You can write to me on chat (15-minute response time) or maybe you can try email (12-hour response time).