Promote Your Mobile App & Boost Download Numbers with a Popup
Reach the Potential Mobile App Users

Promote Your Mobile App & Boost Download Numbers with a Popup

# Promote Your Mobile App & Boost Download Numbers with a Popup

Are you looking for a quick and effortless way to promote your mobile app and boost download numbers?

Popups are perfect for grabbing the attention of your visitors and encouraging them to download your mobile app!

Popupsmart's exit intent targeting solution can help you to reach mobile visitors that want to abandon your website.

We'll show you how to create a popup that promotes your mobile app, using exit-intent targeting to increase visibility. That way, you can win back mobile users who intend to leave the website for a seamless user experience.

Let's dive into how it works!

# Step 1: Log into your Popupsmart account and generate a fresh popup campaign by clicking "New Campaign" & using our ready-to-use templates.

creating a new popup campaign

Create a new campaign, and select among customizable templates or start with a blank popup template according to your needs.

# Step 2: Add a "Download" button to your popup that will redirect users to your mobile app.

Click "Add a new element" and select "Button" to add your download buttons.

adding a button element

By adding button elements to your popup that says "Download," you can redirect your visitors to download your mobile application.

adding and customizing download buttons

You can include multiple buttons for various platforms like Google Play or App Store to speed up the download process.

Set your button's action to the "Go to the URL address" and add your app's download link.

Customize your button as you like and use an attention-grabbing style so that visitors can engage with it.

# Step 3: Optimize your popup to be mobile-friendly.

customizing popup for mobile

Enable your popup for mobile devices and customize it to be mobile-responsive. You can exclude image elements for mobile devices, adjust their size and ensure that it looks great on both mobile and desktop.

# Step 4: Go to the "Segment" part, edit your segment & select "Exit Intent" from "User Behavior."

selecting exit intent targeting

The ability to target your popup allows you to connect with a particular audience at the appropriate moment.

You can set your "Exit Intent" targeting's sensibility to low, medium, or high.

# Step 5: Save and publish your popup once you finish the adjustments.

Once you complete setting its style and targeting, you can save and publish your mobile-responsive popup.

Now you can boost your mobile app's downloads while providing a better experience for mobile users!

If you need any help, you can always contact us, and we would be happy to help you.