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Increase Your Blog Post Engagements with a Simple Popup

Need more engagement on your blog posts? It is great that you are posting outstanding stuff on your blog, but obviously, you need more people to read your blog posts, share them on social media, and engage in every possible way.

Feeling stuck in trying to find the best way to promote your blog posts? I have a very simple but quite effective solution to your problem!

The trick to collect more readers to your blog posts is... popups!

blog post popup to increase engagement

Of course, number one is always to have engaging content. If you have engaging content, but still can't get enough engagement apart from certain posts, popups will be a game-changer for you.

And the best way to create simple and beautifully-designed popups with advanced targeting features out there in the market is Popupsmart.

With Popupsmart, you can show a popup promoting a related content at the end of a blog post (or after scrolling some percentage of your content).

To put it simply, when a reader scrolls down to the end of your content, it means that they are interested in it. And when they scroll the percentage that you decide, the popup will show up.

If they get curious about the promoted content on the popup, they will click on it and there you go; more engagement! Interested? Let's see how you can create a popup promoting blog posts.

# Step #1 Create a free Popupsmart account and setup for your website


# Step #2 Create a Popup Campaign

After registration, you will be directed to the Popupsmart dashboard. To create a new popup campaign you need to click "Create a New Popup."

choose annoncement popup

Next, you should select a business goal. For blog post promotion, select "Show Up Announcement." Once you select your goal, the popup builder will open.

# Step #3 Customize, Target and Publish Popup Campaign

On step 1, of the popup builder, select a popup design template. Don't worry about the calls-to-action buttons, you can change them on the next step.

popup blog post example

On step 2, customize your popup as you like. Don't forget to add the target URL to the CTA button. For example, if it is "Read Article", it should direct the visitor to the URL that you have decided.

blog post customize popup

On step 3, set up your popup's targeting options. You can schedule your campaign, target your audience based on their location, browser, language, etc.

blog post targeting options

To target your visitors after they have scrolled a certain percentage of your web page, select "Visitor Behavior." Then, click on "After Scrolling X% of Your Webpage" and determine a scroll percentage.

On step 4, verify if you have correctly added the embed code to your website's template file. Set the status on. Finally, click on "SAVE & PUBLISH" to publish your popup.

blog post popup publish campaign

That's all you need to do to create an excellent popup to promote your blog posts.

If you have any questions you can write to me on chat (15-minute response time) or maybe you can email (12-hour response time).