Skyrocket Your Leads on Service Pages with a Free Callback Popup
Generate Leads with Callback Popups

Skyrocket Your Leads on Service Pages with a Free Callback Popup

# Skyrocket Your Leads on Service Pages with a Free Callback Popup

Service pages can be the ultimate conversion tool for your business, offering visitors the chance to discover exactly what you can offer them.

For this reason, in this recipe, we will show you how to collect phone number leads using a targeted free callback popup.

Not only does this popup provide a direct way to connect with your visitors, but it also offers an opportunity to get their phone number, allowing you to expand your customer data pool and potentially turn that visitor into a long-term customer.

But we don't stop there! Popupsmart's precise targeting technologies detect when the visitor is inactive on the page to ensure the active visitor experience is not disturbed.

Cool, isn't it?

Now let's see how to reach your potential customers via free callback popups if any visitor spends more than a specified amount of time and does nothing on a service page.

# Step 1: Log in to your Popupsmart account (sign up now for free!๐Ÿ˜‰), and create a campaign easily using our ready-to-convert templates.

popupsmart register screen

# Step 2: On the popup builder screen, navigate to the "Segment" section and click "Edit". (You can click the two circular arrows to see all predefined segments or create one from scratch in "My Segment.")

editing for free callback segmentation

# Step 3: Add "Inactivity Mode" under User Behavior by clicking "Add user behavior targeting." Enter the inactivity time in seconds.

adding inactivity targeting

# Step 4: Now we will add URL Browsing targeting by clicking "Add audience targeting" under Audience.

adding URL browsing

# Step 5: Click "Target all the pages" and continue with "Advanced Configurations." Choose "Show popup" that matches the name of the subpage. In this recipe, our service page name is "service".

adding service subpage

# Step 6: Click "Submit," optionally, you can check the campaign trigger on a specific URL to ensure everything is done. Then click "Save."

checking the campaign trigger of campaign

Don't forget to save and publish your popup campaign if you're happy with everything.

publishing your popup campaign

Popupsmart's powerful targeting technology will identify visitors who spent 8 seconds on service pages without doing anything and show them a free callback popup to increase the chances of converting the visitor into a customer.

Whether running a small business or a big corporation, Popupsmart's free callback popups are the perfect solution for you.

So, why wait? Get your groove on and start converting those visitors into customers with Popupsmart!

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