Hype a New Product Launch with a Countdown Popup & Collect Leads
Create Anticipation for the Launch

Hype a New Product Launch with a Countdown Popup & Collect Leads

# Hype a New Product Launch with a Countdown Popup & Collect Leads

Preparing for a new product launch and want to create hype for it?

You can create anticipation for your new products or services with a countdown popup! Once your visitors see there is a countdown on your website for a launch, they can get curious about what is about to come.

You can offer incentives for early comers and encourage your visitors to make a purchase once your product is out.

It gets better! You can collect new leads by adding converting elements to your popup and grow your email list as well.

That way, when the time for your launch comes, curious customers can get notified about it and become loyal customers.

Let's see how it works!

# Step 1: Sign in to your Popupsmart account and create a new popup campaign with our customizable templates.

We have a lot of options, so you don't have to worry about creating a popup from scratch.

select a popup template

# Step 2: Select a template with a countdown timer or add a "Countdown" element from the "Customize" section from the "Add a new element."

adding a countdown element to popup

You can set your timer's days, hours, minutes, and seconds from this part. Also, you can set actions among the "None, Go to the URL Address, Show the Page, and Close" options.

Customize your countdown timer element as you like from the "Style" part, and ensure that it triggers a sense of urgency.

# Step 3: Then, add a "Form" element and choose "Email" to contact your users once you launch your product.

adding email element from form section

That way, you will collect new leads and form better relationships with your users by stating that you'll inform them about your new launch.

# Step 4: Make use of targeting solutions & publish your popup when you are done.

Targeting capabilities will help you reach a specific audience at the right time. Go to the "Segment" part and choose among the suitable user behavior and audience targeting solutions.

selecting segment from predefined segments

We have predefined segments so that you can choose the suitable one quickly.

If you want to edit a segment, click "Edit," and you will see other targeting solutions.

editing a segment from segment section

You can use "Exit Intent" to build hype just as your visitors are about to leave your site or select "New or Returning Visitor" to inform your returning or new visitors.

editing segment and selecting targeting options

Save and publish your popup campaign when you complete customizations, and now you are ready to build hype for your new product launch!

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact us, and we'd be happy to help!