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Increase Conversion with a Proven Google-Like Phone Call Popup

You know that getting conversions from Google Ads is not that easy.

But with the method I will explain, you can increase your conversions in 4 steps effortlessly.

How do you increase conversions? The answer is very simple: The new generation of popups!

The new generation popups are still so effective. Even Google Ads website is using popups to increase conversions 😃

google like phone call

# Step #1 Create a free Popupsmart account and setup for your website

A) Register Popupsmart without a hassle.

register popupsmart

popupsmart register step2

B) While you are registering you need to add the embed code in order to setup for your website.

To complete the setup process, simply add the embed code below just before the closing tag of your website template file.

embed the popupsmart code

Don't you know how you can add the embed code to your website platform? You can watch our videos showing how to add Popupsmart embed code to the most used website platforms.

Popupsmart Setup with Google Tag Manager (Video)

Popupsmart Setup for Wordpress

Popupsmart Setup for Shopify (Video)

Popupsmart Setup for Webflow (Video)

Popupsmart Setup for Woocommerce (Video)

C) Verify the embed code for your website.

popupsmart verify button

# Step #2 Create a Popup Campaign

After registration, you will be redirected to the Popupsmart dashboard. First, you need to create a new popup campaign by clicking the button below.

dashboard popupsmart

Then, you need to choose business goals. Each business goals have different popup designs to boost your conversion rates.

As you know, we are creating the popup used for the Google Ads website, so you need to choose the "Increase Phone Calls" business goal.

choose business goal phone calls

# Step #3 Customize, Target and Publish Popup Campaign

After you have created the campaign, you will be redirected to the popup builder. First, you need to choose a popup design template, and we already decided to choose the popup Google used.

choose google popup

On popup builder step#2, you can customize anything you want.

customize settings popup builder

On the #3 step, you can select which audience can see the popup.

For example, you can target your audience according to their geo-location. So, you can target a specific country and also cities to show a popup. Another example is that you can show the popup only to the visitors coming from Facebook ads or Google ads. It's very easy to target if you have a question about that you can follow our documentation about targeting.

summery popupsmart targeting

The last step you have to do is enabling the status and click the "SAVE & PUBLISH" button.

Don't forget that, if you want to show a popup campaign on your website, you need to validate the embed code on the Publish step. You should already have done so while you were registering, but you can still double check.

publish popupsmart

Thats all! It propably takes only 5 minutes to create a popup the same as the one Google uses on Google Ads website. It should increase your phone call conversions and also sales!

If you have any questions you can write to me on chat (15-minute response time) or maybe you can try email (12-hour response time).