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Convert More with a Clear CTA Popup Based on Hick’s Law Psychology

Have you ever heard of Hick's Law? Basically, Hick's Law predicts that the more options you give to someone, the longer he/she would take to decide and choose.

Hick Law about deciding

Doubtlessly, this law applies to digital marketing as well. Think about it, how long do you take to decide between 2 options, and how long it takes you to choose between 15 options?

In this recipe, I will share with you a secret; how to convert more with clear CTA (call to action) popup based on Hick's Law psychology.

# Step #1 If You Don't Have One, Create a Popupsmart Account for Free

signup popupsmart

# Step #2 Select a Business Objective & Create a Campaign

After registration, you can log into your Popupsmart dashboard. To create a campaign, click on "Create a New Popup."

Then, select a business objective, give your campaign a name, choose a domain to access the popup builder. Choose one of the ready-made popup templates to start customizing.

# Step #3 Give Your Visitors Fewer Choices

As I've said, based on Hick's Law, the more choices you present, the harder it will be for your customers to decide. That is why you should not throw a bunch of options in their way.

fewer choices cta popup

Let alone showing that you are capable of giving lots of choices; it will only frustrate them and cause you to lose potential customers.

In this case, presenting only two options on your popup would be more than enough. One choice will be the CTA that brings you conversion. The other will be what you don't want your customers to choose.

# Step #4 Write a Clear and Striking CTA

To increase your conversions, first, you should know how to create CTAs that actually cause action. Make it clear and compelling. You can avoid cliches and use "get" instead of "order" or "my" instead "your"

striking and clear cta popup

For example, instead of using "Order Your E-book," choosing "Get My E-Book" would be more compelling to the customers.

You can include urgency, and "free" (if so)

# Step #5 Make Your CTA Outstand by Using an Active Color

After deciding on your CTA, now it's time to make it stand out. Active colors are more likely to catch the eye than passive colors. Also, they tend to evoke positive feelings.

cta active color popup

You can use active colors for your popup's CTA button and a passive one (even the same color as the popup background) for the "Not Now" button.

Another option is to use a color that contrasts the popup background for your CTA button. As a contrasting color pops out from the background, more visitors can notice and take the desired action. Always optimize your CTAs to stand out from the background (both your popup's and website's)

# Step #6 Save & Publish Your Popup

Once you think your popup is perfect with a conversion-ready CTA, you can save and publish it. To achieve the best conversion rates, you can test different CTA designs for your website. save and publish popupsmart popup campaign

Still have questions? You can ask me your questions via live chat (15-minute response time) or email (12-hour response time)!