38% More eCommerce Revenue

Convert Cart Abandonment Visitors into Sales Up to %38 More Revenue with Popup and Email

Did you know that the average Cart Abandonment rate of e-commerce sites around the world is 67.57%? Well, do you know that this rate corresponds to a revenue of 260 billion dollars? You probably don't know that there are so many.

With this recipe, we will enable you to increase your revenue by up to 38% with practical but useful emails and popups to reduce people who leave the cart on your e-commerce website.

cart abandonment statistics

Yes, there are many ways to reduce cart abandonment, but today I will tell you how to do it via email and popups.

You're excited enough, let's get started.

To convert cart abandoners into orders, you must propose a value. These most significant values are offered free shipping or discounts.

# #1 Create a free Popupsmart account and set up in just 1 minute

signup popupsmart

# #2 Create a conversion-ready popup design

First of all, we will create a popup for visitors to receive the coupon. Among the dozens of popup designs of Popupsmart, we start with a design suitable for our site.

edit your popup content and design to recover cart abandonment

You can watch the implementation of Step 2, 3, 4, and 5 via the video below.

# #3 Show Discount & Coupon Code Popup

You should activate the "Success Popup " field in the popupsmart to show the coupon code to those who fill in the email and name form in the displayed coupon code popup.

You can customize your success popup and place the coupon code here.

show coupon code popup to recover cart abandonment

# #4 Find your cart URL address

To find those who left the shopping cart, you need to specify the popup's page address in the popupsmart. Usually, the basket URL is "cart." Shopify uses the cart at example.com/cart.

You should find your cart URL address from your e-commerce platform first, then put the address into popupsmart' targeting options. Click on "Visitor Behavior" in the 3rd Target step of the popupsmart and activate the "URL Browsing" option and enter the cart URL address here.

find cart url to display popup

# #5 Prevent Cart Abandoners Visitors with Exit-Intent Targeting Popups

The exit-intent trigger website realizes that you tend to leave your website by following your visitors' mouse movements and allows you to pop up at that moment.

To activate the Exit-intent, you can activate it in the exit-intent tab by clicking "User Behaviors" in the popupsmart targeting section.

find cart url to display popup

# #6 Send an email to recover cart abandonment

Unfortunately, you cannot send an email to people who fill out the form via popupsmart. For this, you can integrate your email marketing tool into the popupsmart and send an email for every new person joining your email list, similar to the popup content we show for those who leave the cart.

If you don't know how to integrate your email service with popupsmart, you can do so through the help center.

find cart url to display popup

If there is no service you use in the email services we integrate with, you can use zapier to send free mail up to 100 emails per month via zapier.

send email with zapier

That is all. You can now start tracking your sales via popups and emails you create!

# Frequently Asked Question About Cart Abandonments

# What is Cart Abandonment?

Abandoning the shopping cart means the visitor who throws the products into the basket on your e-commerce site but leaves without purchasing. As I mentioned at the beginning of the subject, abandoning the shopping cart is a severe rate of 67%. Severe increases in turnover can be achieved with the work to be done.

# I don't want to show subscribers the email and form popup. What should I do?

If you do not want to show popups to registered users on your website, you can make it lead to non-members with the cookie targeting optionin the targeting settings. To do this, you need to target cookies, and you may need help. You can reach us anytime via chat. We are ready for free assistance!

# Can I show a popup with no form?

The popup form we create shows the coupon code in return for the data, but it is up to you to show it directly without the form. You can display the coupon code without a form by adapting it to the design.

# What else can I do with Zapier to increase the cart abandonment rate?

Popupsmart integrated with zapier. You can use the data coming from the forms on the Popupsmart popup with the integrated services on the zapier as you wish.

To give a few ideas: You can send SMS with an integrated SMS provider on zapier to remind that person by asking for a phone number in the popup field.

If you need to be a little more creative, you can get the twitter username address on the form data instead of email, and you can tweet the coupon code via Twitter via zapier.

# How can I understand how much my sales have increased with these recipes I made?

If you want to see the turnover from the popup and emails you show through this description, the coupon code used will be the easiest way to do this. Still, you can also see the statistics of clicks on the popup and how much turnover you generate with the Google Analytics event integration on the popupsmart. It is enough to add UTM source parameters to the link extensions of the sent mails.