Hook 36% of Visitors at the Cart with an Exit-Intent Popup + Free Shipping
36% More eCommerce Revenue

Hook 36% of Visitors at the Cart with an Exit-Intent Popup + Free Shipping

# Hook 36% of Visitors at the Cart with an Exit-Intent Popup + Free Shipping

Did you know that the average cart abandonment rate of e-commerce sites worldwide is 69.99% ? That’s huge! Billions of dollars of revenue are lost every year due to cart abandonment.

There are many ways to convert your cart abandoners into customers with Popupsmart, but in this recipe, we will see how to convert cart abandoners into customers using a free shipping popup that sends a free shipping code via automated emails.

In this way, you’ll both have the customer’s data and the chance to make them a customer. This is what they call getting two birds with one shot!

Now let’s see how to do it:

# Step 1: Log in to your Popupsmart account (sign up for free!😉), and create a popup campaign using one of the conversion-ready templates specially designed to reduce cart abandonment.

popupsmart register screen

# Step 2: First, we’ll set up a URL browsing targeting. For this, Continue with “Segment,” which is on the left-hand panel, and “Edit Segment.

# Then, add “URL Browsing” by clicking “Add audience targeting” under Audience.

add url browsing targeting

# Step 3: Set the URL browsing targeting to “Show popup” if the “subpage” matches “cart”.

# Note: If your cart page’s name is different, then write it down in the subpage field. Click “Submit” and check the trigger from below to ensure everything works smoothly.

adding subpage for url browsing

# Step 4: Now, we’ll set up exit-intent targeting aiming at the visitors who are about the leave your cart. For this, Add “Exit-intent” by clicking “Add user behavior targeting” under User Behavior.

# Set the sensibility to “medium” (or anything of your choice). Don’t forget to save everything so far.

setting your exit intent targeting

# Step 5: Lastly, we’ll set up a self-respondent email to entice potential cart abandoners to finish shopping and collect lead data successfully. For this, click “Settings” on the left-hand panel.

# Scroll to “Respondent Email Notification” and click “Setup respondent email notification”.

setting up respondent email notifaction

# Step 6: Set the status and enter the Sender Name. The sender’s name can be your name or company name.

# Insert your organization's email address (or a no-reply address), in the "Reply to" section. Then, input the subject.

# The body of the email template can be modified, formatted, and designed to your liking.

# Also, tags are customizable from the dropdown menu consisting of the system field tags and the unsubscribe tag.

respondent email notification settings

# Step 7: Save it, and publish your popup campaign.

publishing your popup campaign step

Voila! You now have a super-targeted popup that will only target visitors who are about to leave their cart and offer them free shipping in exchange for their email address.

Considering consumers are likelier to leave the cart due to shipping costs, having a popup offering free shipping is the best thing you can do for your customers.

And you bet they will return the favor by completing their purchase!

Go ahead and try Popupsmart for free today!

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