Privy Alternative: Popupsmart

Both Popupsmart and Privy are powerful tools that are designed to support marketing efforts. However, Privy’s product focus is not solely on popups. Popupsmart is more focused and knows well how popups should be to convert more customers. You can find the comparison we made below to help you choose the tool that suits your marketing needs.



Affordable Pricing

Popupsmart’s pricing starts at $29 for 100.000 page-views, unlimited websites, and unlimited popups. There is also a free pan that you can keep forever until your website reaches 5.000 page-views.
When compared according to the same amount of page-views, Privy charges $140/m for 100.000 page-views. Their free plan is up to 5.000 page-views. However, Privy’s free plan includes a brand ad, unlike Popupsmart. Basically, you pay the same price and get less.

Product Focus

Popupsmart’s product focus is allowing its users to create better popups; better popups that convert passive visitors into customers, increase sales, phone call traffic, comply cookie laws, and show announcement notifications.
Privy’s product focus is not only popups, which reduces its development as a popup tool. Popups are only a part of their product. They have Privy email and Privy text plans apart from Privy convert that includes popups.

Popup Campaign Types

Popupsmart offers 4 popup campaign types; sidebar popup, lightbox popup, floating bar popup, and full-screen popup. You can adjust the on-screen position of your popup depending on your preferences. Moreover, you can create video popups and wheel popups as well.
Privy has flyouts, wheel popups, and banners as popup campaign types. In this aspect, Popupsmart is a better option for site owners who are looking for more variety of adjustable popup types.

Teaser Feature

Popupsmart enables site owners to promote products, enable phone calls, display coupon codes, and so on in the most user-friendly way with teaser popups. This way you can ensure that you display your popup without annoying customers.
Unfortunately, Privy does not have a teaser feature. Popupsmart would be a wiser choice to show up engaging popups without annoying your customers.

No Ad Branded Plans

None of Popupsmart’s popups, both free and priced plans, has branding on them. You can enjoy displaying popups that perfectly blend with your website.
Users cannot remove the “Privy” branding from their popups unless they purchase a priced plan.

Popupsmart vs Privy


  • Pricing per 100.000 Page views
  • $29
  • $140
  • Free Plan
  • Free Plan Badge Ads
  • Unlimited Popup Campaign
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 30 Day No Reason Cancelization


  • Announcement Popups
  • Email Collection Popups
  • Coupon Popups
  • Cookie Consent Popups
  • Recommendation Popups
  • Abandonment Cart Reminder Popups
  • Phone Call Campaigns
  • Gamification Popups

Design and Creation

  • 5 Minute Popup Campaign Creation
  • +50 Popup Designs
  • Advanced Form Builder
  • GDPR Ready
  • Success Popup Feature
  • Teaser Popup Feature
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Fonts
  • Display Sounds
  • Display Effects
  • Email Notifications


  • Geo Location Targeting
  • After X Seconds
  • On Exit-Intent
  • On Exit-Intent on mobile
  • In Activity Sensor
  • After Scrolling Down
  • Browsing Spesific Pages
  • New vs Returning
  • Traffic Sources (Facebook, Instagram, Adwords)
  • Cookie Targeting
  • HTML Source Targeting
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Operational System
  • Browser Language
  • On-Click Targeting
  • Popup Frequency Settings


  • Mailchimp
  • Mailerlite
  • Sendgrid
  • Sendloop
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Webhook
  • Sendinblue
  • Zapier
  • Email Marketing & CRMs (via zapier)
  • Website Builders & CMSs
  • eCommerce Platforms


  • Live Conversion Analytics
  • Google Analytics Event Integration

Support & Security and SEO

  • E-Mail Support
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • %99.99 Uptime
  • GDPR Complaint
  • SEO and Google Complaint


Popupsmart has 6 solutions for the most common obstacles any e-commerce store faces to grow and increase revenue. What’s even better is that all of our solutions are in one place which means that whether you are using a free plan or price, you can access all solutions and create your popups for it. Privy, on the other hand, has only 3 solutions which are “convert”, “email”, and “text”. Also, users need to purchase each separately.

In fact, both Popupsmart and Privy aim to support your marketing efforts by helping you grow your email list, reduce your abandoned cart rate, and more. However, Popupsmart has more audience targeting and targeting based on visitor behavior features that will give you a shortcut towards reaching your marketing goals.

Definitely, Popupsmart. We have numerous integration options with major web platforms, CMS, CRM, and also email marketing platforms such as Shopify, Webflow, Wix, Woocommerce, and many more. Moreover, it is very easy to set up by pasting a one-line embed code to your website’s template file. Privy, on the other hand, has integration options with only a few of the most-known e-commerce platforms. Their main focus is Shopify.

Privy does not have phone call popups. Instead, they have a “text” plan that allows site owners to text with customers. However, this is a whole different price plan which users need to pay separately. Whereas Popupsmart has an “Increase Phone Call” solution that enables your customers to call you or offer a ‘call me back’ chance with smart popups.

Both Popupsmart and Privy do not require designing skills to customize the appearance of the popups. However, differently from Privy, Popupsmart allows customs fonts and custom CSS to ensure you create the perfect popup design for your website.

You can create video popups to promote your products or content with Popupsmart whereas Privy does not provide video popups. Videos are persuasive. That’s why they work when it comes to converting passive browsers into customers. Why not use it and increase engagement?

Not every popup’s target is to collect emails. Show up notifications help you communicate with your customers, announce a newly launched product, or even inform customers about an update in the company policy. Popupsmart has a show-up notification solution while Privy does not provide such an option.

You can create cookie consent popups with Popupsmart and comply with cookie laws to avoid heavy fines. Privy does not have cookie consent popups. So, it would be more cost-effective to choose a popup tool that gives you more solutions for less price.

Popupsmart has 6 free tools and resources to ensure you take more confident steps towards growing your business. These free tools are cookie consent widget, email markup preview, popup ROI calculator, email ROI calculator, image optimization & resizer, SERP preview tool which are all free to use. Privy does not have such free tools.

Of course, both Popupsmart and Privy provide insights into campaign performances. However, you can track your campaigns in more detail with Popupsmart. We have live conversion analytics displaying total impression, popup views, interaction, and conversion rate. Also, for even more detailed statistics, you can easily integrate Popupsmart with Google Analytics Event.