Poptin Alternative: Popupsmart

Poptin is a no-code tool that provides popups, embedded forms, and automatic emails. Popupsmart, on the other hand, enables creating conversion-ready popups in the fastest, easiest, and most effective way. We have made an honest comparison below to help you decide which tool matches your needs.



More Targeting Options

Popupsmart has various advanced targeting features to help site owners segment visitors better and target the right audience at the right time with the right display features. Along with all the trigger options, differently from Poptin, Popupsmart has HTML and browser language targeting.
Poptin has also a lot of targeting and trigger options, however not as many as Popupsmart.


Popupsmart charges $29 for 100.000 page-views, unlimited domains, and unlimited popups.
Poptin charges $49 for 50.000 page-views, unlimited popups, 4 domains. It is $20 more expensive than Popupsmart’s basic plan and includes limited domains. In this respect, Popupsmart is more cost-efficient.

Unbranded Popups

No matter the free or price plans, none of the popups created with Popupsmart has branding on them.
Poptin users need to purchase a price plan to remove the branding from their popups.

Drag & Drop

Popupsmart does not have a drag & drop feature as we do not believe that it is an effective solution when creating popups. Users can fully customize their popups’ without needing this feature. Popup elements stay in the conversion-oriented areas for a responsive design.
Poptin has a drag & drop feature however, it is not an efficient solution for users without designing knowledge.

Popupsmart vs Mailmunch


  • Pricing
  • $29 100.000 Pageview
  • $49 50.000 Visitors
  • Free Plan
  • Free Plan Branded Badge
  • Unlimited Popup Campaign
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 30 Day No Reason Cancelization


  • Announcement Popups
  • Email Collection Popups
  • Coupon Popups
  • Cookie Consent Popups
  • Recommendation Popups
  • Abandonment Cart Reminder Popups
  • Phone Call Campaigns
  • Gamification Popups

Design and Creation

  • 5 Minute Popup Campaign Creation
  • +50 Popup Designs
  • Advanced Form Builder
  • GDPR Ready
  • Success Popup Feature
  • Teaser Popup Feature
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom Fonts
  • Display Sounds
  • Display Effects
  • Email Notifications


  • Geo Location Targeting
  • After X Seconds
  • On Exit-Intent
  • On Exit-Intent on mobile
  • In Activity Sensor
  • After Scrolling Down
  • Browsing Spesific Pages
  • New vs Returning
  • Traffic Sources (Facebook, Instagram, Adwords)
  • Cookie Targeting
  • HTML Source Targeting
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Operational System
  • Browser Language
  • On-Click Targeting
  • Popup Frequency Settings


  • Mailchimp
  • Mailerlite
  • Sendgrid
  • Sendloop
  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce
  • Webhook
  • Sendinblue
  • Zapier
  • Email Marketing & CRMs (via zapier)
  • Website Builders & CMSs
  • eCommerce Platforms


  • Live Conversion Analytics
  • Google Analytics Event Integration

Support & Security and SEO

  • E-Mail Support
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • %99.99 Uptime
  • GDPR Complaint
  • SEO and Google Complaint


Both Popupsmart and Poptin have ready-to-use popup templates, but when it comes to personalization of popup designs, Popupsmart is a step ahead. With Popupsmart, you can add custom fonts and custom CSS, along with many design options such as button color, size, background color, and so on.

Popupsmart and Poptin are powerful tools that can support your marketing efforts. However, Popupsmart is more easy-to-use because of its user-friendly interface, a straightforward builder that anyone can effortlessly use to create stunning popups.

Popupsmart’s free plan covers 1 popup, 1 domain, and is up to 5.000 page-views. Poptin, on the other hand, has a free plan up to 1.000 page-views, 1 domain, and unlimited popups that are branded. Popupsmart’s popups are unbranded, and users have more page-view limit. It wouldn’t matter that Poptin offers unlimited popups as the page-view limit is too low. Moreover, you can always edit your existing popup in Popupsmart.

No. Popupsmart’s domain limit is unlimited for all price plans starting from $29, whereas Poptin users need to upgrade their plan to ‘Agency’ ($99/m) for unlimited domains. Otherwise, the number of available domains are very limited.

Popupsmart’s page-view number can go up to 1.000.000 with the expert plan. Our expert plan is only $129 while Poptin charges $449 for the same number of page-views. Users need to consider the price and value they will get with each tool before purchasing.

Popupsmart has a teaser feature that allows visitors to open the main popup when clicked. You can support your UX with teaser popups as they are one of the least disturbing popup types. Poptin does not have this feature.

Actually, you can. However, Popupsmart enables you to comply with cookie laws with GDPR-ready and law-compliant popups. We have cookie consent popups as one of our business solutions. You can access various cookie consent popups under “Comply with Cookie Laws.”

Yes, of course! With Popupsmart, you can easily add new form fields to your popups such as phone, email, text, long text, checkbox, dropbox, and radio input fields. You can create the perfect forms for your website with these advanced options and collect more submissions.

Yes, both popup builder tools provide mobile-friendly popups. In Popupsmart’s popup builder, you can instantly see how your popup design will look on different devices such as phone and desktop. You can choose one of the responsive popup types to match Google’s interstitials policy and protect your SEO. It’s all simple and more efficient with Popupsmart.

Both Popupsmart and Poptin provide statistics of the created popup campaigns in detail with graphs. However, Popupsmart offers an integration option with Google Analytics to give even more detailed insight into your campaigns’ success. You can always track your campaigns’ total impressions, popup views, interaction, and conversion rate from your Popupsmart dashboard.