+694 No-Code Tools to Save Your Time and Money

Technology has come to a point where there is an app for almost anything or demand for it.

However, the demand for software and applications seem to exceed the coders at hand.

Whether you need to build a startup, automate your workflows, build applications, or an MVP without an IT team or writing code, no-code development platforms come to your rescue.

+694 No Code Tools Sorted by Most Upvoted on Producthunt

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The use of no-code tools is growing faster each day.

Forrester predicts that the no-code development platform market will grow from $3.8 billion in 2017 to $21.2 billion in 2022.

In this article, we will cover the advantages of no-code tools and explain what you can manage with these tools in categories with examples.

Advantages of No-Code Tools

  • Save time

With no-code tools, you can free up time for your developer team by involving other departments in the building process.

Involving non-programmer roles helps you meet the demands of quicker application delivery and makes the process flow faster.

As anyone can use these tools, no-code saves a considerable amount of time.

  • Save on cost

It is expensive to hire in-demand, skilled developers. With no-code tools, you can build web/mobile applications, internal and external facing tools without needing an IT team.

Do you lack the budget to hire developers? You can build apps and software with no-code tools that are alternative to the costly and laborious traditional hand-coding.

  • Easily changeable

It takes time to make a change in functionality or feature in traditional coding. You can easily change something with no-code tools in a few hours at most.

No-code tools are essentially a user-interface builder, most of them have the drag-and-drop feature.

You can visually bring together every component and instantly observe how they will look on all device types.

  • Increased productivity

IT staff generally gets overloaded with the requests of each department. With no-code tools, you can lift a heavy workload off their shoulders and increase productivity.

For example, manual entry may cause errors and takes a lot of time. You can speed up the manual entry process through automation with no-code tools. Thus, your team's overall efficiency and productivity will highly increase.

  • Easier maintenance

In traditional coding, your IT team needs to deal with the maintenance issues of your app. You do not need to keep up the maintenance yourself with no-code tools.

You can easily get help with maintenance and expert support from the support team of the no-code tool you are using.

Web Apps

From building workflow automation, developing applications to launching websites, no-code tools make it easier to build and launch startups in a short time.

Startup Stash home page

1. Startup Stash

Startup Stash is a curated directory of resources that will help you build a startup. Its grid layout consists of 400 resources and 40 categories such as design, idea generation, market research, product demo, and MVP.

When you click one of these categories, each brings up a curated list of the top 10 resources of that area.

Upvote on Product Hunt: 20.443

2. Hunter

Hunter lets you find all email addresses related to a domain in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.

It is a powerful email-finding tool that has an effective search filter and more than 200 million email addresses indexed.

Upvote on Product Hunt: 7077

3. Startup Launch List

Especially if you are new to building startups, comprehensive research on the building process will make you confident in what you do.

Startup Launch List has articles, written by founders, designers, investors, and thought leaders, that you need to read before launching a startup.

Upvote on Product Hunt: 5157

4. Carrd

Carrd allows you to build and host one-page sites for pretty much anything. For example, you can build a landing page to capture emails. It is simple, fully-responsive, and free though you can upgrade with a paid plan.

Upvote on Product Hunt: 5135

5. Draftium

Draftium is a turbo prototype tool that lets you build a website structure with templates and ready-made blocks. You can collaborate with your team and clients.

Moreover, you can use it to start building an MVP.

Upvote on Product Hunt: 2254

6. Code2.io

Code2 home page

Code2.io is a no-code software tool designed to help you build web apps from scratch or develop SaaS applications using its visual editor. It’s server-free and autoscaling, which are exceptional features to make creating web apps an easier job. In addition, regardless of the amount of data and number of users your web application receives, the performance remains stable.

On the plus side, this tool is competitive in terms of its pricing as well. It offers a free plan of up to 1 app, 100 MB storage, and 10K requests. The paid plans start at $14 per month.

Design No-Code Tools

You do not need a designer, designing, or coding knowledge to create an attractive interface design with no-code design tools.

Most of them have a drag-and-drop feature that simplifies designing. The ready-made components that you drag and drop are coded for reuse and scale.

Humaaans home page

6. Humaans

You can add human illustrations to your landing pages or website designs easily with Humaans. It is a library of illustrations of people that you can customize, mix-and-match.

7. Open Peeps

Open Peeps is a hand-drawn illustration library. You can use these illustrations in marketing, product states, and more.

8. Photo Creator

Create realistic stock photos in just a few minutes with Photo Creator. You can customize the images and combine the models.

9. Mockuups Studio

It is a mockup generator with over 500 scenes. With Mockuuups Studio, you can create product mockups, even visual content without a designer.

10. Launchaco Free Logo Builder

Do you need a logo for your company? With Launchaco, you can create a minimum viable logo without a designer.

Email Marketing No-Code Tools

No code tools for email marketing not only automate emails but also provide product shipping services, finds the best time to send an email, and so on.

Additionally, tools such as Phrasee can write human-sounding copies with its AI system instead of you.

11. Popupsmart

Popupsmart is a no-code popup builder tool for lead generation. You can create stunning popup designs for your website in minutes and grow your email list in no time.

Platformly home page

12. Platformly

Platformly is a marketing automation software for SaaS and e-commerce. Its features include business dashboards, link tracking, CRM, lead capture, integrations, insights, and email marketing.

13. Ship by Product Hunt

You can ship your products, generate demands, build an email list, and communicate with your audience via this toolkit. It has 3825 upvotes on Product Hunt.

14. Growbots Email Timing Optimizer

With Growbots, you can find the best time to send your email. Correct timing will build up your email marketing campaigns.

15. VYPER 2.0

You can grow your customer base by generating giveaways and rewards. Is there a tool for that? Sure.

You can easily build giveaways (contests, leaderboards, waitlists, sweepstakes) and reward programs (loyalty, referral, ambassador) with VYPER 2.0.

Marketing No-Code Apps and Tools

No-code marketing tools provide services such as marketing strategies with examples, finding influencers, startup pitch decks, track competitors, and SEO audits.

Easy Bloggers home page

16. Easy Bloggers

With Easy Bloggers, you can find influencers for your marketing campaigns and estimate the cost.

17. Competitors App

You can track your competitors' marketing strategies such as keywords, ads, SEO strategies, blog posts, etc. with Competitors App.

18. Marketing Examples

With this tool, you can see real-world marketing examples of successful companies and browse case studies.

19. SEMrush

This tool audits your website and tells you what needs to be fixed to increase your SEO ranking.

Sales No-Code Tools

You can identify your customer profile and increase sales based on it with no-code.

Slik home page

20. Slik

You can find leads that you want to reach out with Slik's database.

21. Coach 2.0

With Coach, you can sell online courses, downloads, webinars, memberships, and host all of your products in one place.

22. Albacross

You can identify your website visitors, see the companies visiting your site, segment your traffic, and automate your growth with this B2B lead generation tool.

23. Hoversignal

Hoversignal is an interactive notifications constructors fo websites that help to increase conversions. This tool has 1112 upvotes.

24. Sprinklr

Pluck automatically sends emails on your behalf to people who tweeted. It also finds their email addresses, and show campaign insights.

Productivity No-Code Tools

Hexometer home page

25. Hexometer

Hexometer is an uptime and page speed monitoring platform that suggests growth opportunities and detect anomalies in your website performance.

26. Fyi

Fyi is a collection of marketing templates and resources across 16 categories from popular document apps such as G Suite, Airtable, and Coda.

27. Retool

Retool allows you to build custom internal tools in minutes with building blocks.

28. Kampsite

Kampsite provides a platform where users can make suggestions about your product. You can get feedback and give your customers what they want.

Analytics No Code Tools

Ubersuggest home page

29. Ubersuggest 2.0

You can generate keyword ideas for your content marketing strategy and production with Ubersuggest keyword tool.

30. SplitMetrics

You can test the elements of your App page, Search, Search Ads, Category, and Customized App Store page with SplitMetrics.

31. Oribi

Oribi provides actionable insights of your website such as Marketing Channel Analysis, Button Performance, Landing Page Tracking, Individual Visitor Journeys, Reports, and much more.

32. Signum

Signum provides real-time actionable insights and automation with the power of AI and predictive data.

33. Owox

You can learn what works best for your marketing by automatically combining marketing data and build reports based on it via an all-in-one marketing analytics platform Owox.

Messaging No-Code Apps and Tools

34. FreeChat

FreeChat is a free and no-code messaging tool for websites. You can select messaging platforms and add a chat widget to your website right away.

Landbot home page

35. Landbot

Landbot is a no-code chat builder. You can design, deploy, analyze your conversational strategies, and automate conversations with this tool.

36. Drift 2.0

Drift is a conversational marketing platform that helps you instantly connect with your customers and build more pipelines.

37. Typeform Chat

With this tool, you can convert your typeforms into Facebook Messenger conversations.

38. Custom Bots by Intercom

You can create your custom bots for such as starting conversations, asking questions, and delivering leads to your sales team without coding.

Customer Communication

Changefeed home page

39. Changefeed

You can build a changelog for your product to keep your users up-to-date with the changes made on the app they use.

40. Ship 2.0

With this toolkit, you can ship your products, create landing pages, build an email list, communicate with your beta users, and survey your community.

41. Callbell Chat Widget

Callbell lets your customers choose between popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to chat with you.

42. VideoAsk 2.0

You can create video forms and collect responses with VideoAsk. Customers can respond to you via video, audio, and text.

Integrated Slack No-Code Tools

Statsbot home page

43. Statsbot

Statsbot allows you to pull your data into Slack by monitoring your application's metrics with Google Analytics integration.

44. AppFollow 2.0

You can monitor mobile app data, ratings & reviews, and organic growth with this no-code tool.

45. Intercom for Slack

With this tool, you can get instant notifications about new conversations, quickly respond, and qualify leads directly from Slack.

46. BRAND24

With this media monitoring tool, you can get instant access to brand mentions across social, news, videos, blogs, reviews, forums, and more

Branding No-Code Tools

Booklets.io home page

47. Booklets.io

You can learn with insights in Product, Design, UI/UX, Marketing, Branding, and more with this learning platform.

48. SaaS Startup Guide by HotJar

This tool provides step by step guide for your startup.

49. Startup Logo Archive

This tool is a logo archive consisting of the original launch logos that the most famous startups went to market with.

A/B Testing Tools

GrowthHackers home page

50. GrowthHackers Projects

You can test across the full customer journey through A/B testing with this no-code tool.

Email No-Code Tools

Dashly.io home page

51. Dashly.io

Daily sales tools include trigger pop-ups, emails, and live chat that will help you convert visitors with data-driven conversations.

52. Templates by Email Monster

You can build responsive emails with available templates and built-in email editor, then download them.

Social Media No-Code Tools

PixelMe home page

53. PixelMe

As an URL shortener for marketers, PixelMe helps you serve specific ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google to everyone who clicked on a link.

54. Shorby

With Shorby, you can retarget anyone who clicked on your shared link.

55. BrandMentions 2.0

With this web and social media monitoring tool, you can track and engage in online conversations in real-time, and get notified when people mention your brand or competitors.

56. Many.link

You can add as many links as you like on your Instagram bio by putting them on a single customizable page to share.

Chrome Extensions

Hyperise home page

57. Hyperise Beta

You can increase response rates by adding personalized images with simple keyboard shortcuts direct in Gmail, with Hyperise Chrome Extension.

58. Hexometer

With Hexometer, you can see a particular website’s HX Rank calculated by using public data about the domain name, the website's technical parameters, and structure.

59. Attention Insight

You can analyze different campaign materials with this tool, compare multiple designs of websites, posters, banners, and more which allows you to see designs through users' eyes.

60. Keyword Surfer

You can analyze search volumes, find keywords for 70 countries, get ranking domain details inside Google Search with Keyword Surfer.


Storyheap home page

61. Storyheap

You can manage your Snapchat & Instagram Stories with this tool.

62. Auditor for Instagram

You can find out how many of your Instagram followers are real or fake with this AI-powered Instagram auditor tool. Plus, marketers can use it to check their influencers' accounts for fake likes or followers.

63. Publicfast 2.0

Publicfast helps brands to find suitable influencers across all social media platforms.

64. LinkPot

LinkPot allows you to add clickable links to your Instagram posts which is normally not allowed.


1. How to build a web app without code

You can build a web app without coding via no code tools. From mind-mapping, building an MVP, startup, landing pages to product launching, there is a no code tool for every step of the web app building process.

2. Can I make a website application design with no-code tools?

Yes, there are a lot of no code tools for website application design such as Open Peeps, Blush, and Sketch.

3. How to build a web application from scratch with no experience

You do not need any experience to build a web application with no code tools. These tools aim to simplify the process of building apps by eliminating coding.

4. Can I create a code free startup?

Yes, absolutely. You can create a code free startup with no code tools such as Startup Stash and Attach.io.