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Popupsmart popup builder is designed to give your brand a hand in maximizing sales, turning traffic into conversions, building email lists with high-quality leads, and reducing cart abandonment.

Jumpseller is an online e-commerce platform that lets business owners create online stores to generate revenue and build a global presence. It’s a great platform for growing businesses, but let us give you a secret. You can magnify your bottom line and revenue even more with conversion-focused popups.

You’ll find everything you need from a popup tool and more. Here’s why.

Why You Should Choose Popupsmart

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100% Compatibility with Jumpseller

Popupsmart seamlessly connects to your Jumpseller website with a single-line, copy-paste JS code. There’s no need for coding or designing knowledge. Create your campaign in minutes and display it without hassle.

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Create Beautifully-Designed Campaigns in Minutes

You can play around with the ready-made campaign templates as much as you like. Tweak it, add new form fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, countdown timers, emojis, images, videos, and more. Change colors, sizes, fonts, create popup teasers, success popups, and select the right popup type and position—all templates are fully customizable to fit your business needs.

The best part? You need zero designing skills or knowledge. Anyone can create conversion-ready popup campaigns within a few minutes.

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Analytics at Your Fingertips

The best marketing campaigns are the ones you can track. You can track the conversions, impressions, and other metrics of each of your popups with Popupsmart’s analytics table right inside your dashboard.

Besides, you can always integrate your campaigns with Google Analytics to access even more detailed reports. Take action based on data.

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Business Solutions You’ll Love

It’s not just popups. There are more ways to utilize popups than you might think. You can build campaigns for different business goals such as growing your email list, increasing your form conversions, boosting your sales, notifying customers, getting more phone calls, and more.

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Audience Targeting at Its Best

Conversions happen when your offer reaches prospects who are most likely to convert. You can ensure that only those people see your popups and drive more conversions.

Popupsmart offers Smart Mode (AI-based) and advanced targeting features that trigger campaigns based on visitor behaviors, device type, and audience. For example, you can trigger campaigns on exit intent, inactivity, after X seconds, and so on.

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AWS Server Reliability

Popupsmart operates on the reliable AWS (Amazon Web Services), which guarantees fast and secure service delivery with 99.9% uptime.

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Fast Loading Times with 97KB Code

Page speed is one of the most important determiners of a website’s SEO and UX performance. Considering that, your popup service should also load fast and provide a smooth experience. Popupsmart operates on your website with a single-line embed code which is only 97KB in total!

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No-Code Popup Building Experience

Anyone from an expert to a person without any coding knowledge can quickly build beautifully-designed popups in minutes. Popupsmart is designed as a no-code product that makes the popup creation process a breeze.

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Top-notch Customer Support

If you need our assistance or just want to say hi, our customer support team is ready to help you via live chat or email.

Our average response time is 15 minutes at most via live chat and 2 hours max through email during office hours. Out of office hours, we will respond within 2 hours at most.

You can always contact us via our email [email protected].

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Forever-Free Plan & Affordable Paid Plans

Lose your doubts if you have any. You can get started with Popupsmart with the Forever-free plan, which covers 5,000 pageviews per month, one popup, many templates, and advanced targeting features.

Once you fill up your 5,000 pageview limit, you can upgrade your plan to keep generating new leads and driving conversions.

How to Create a Jumpseller
Popup with Popupsmart?

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Embed Code
  • 1
    Sign up on Popupsmart.
  • 2
    Select your business objective in designing the popup.
  • 3
    Customize the popup according to digital marketing goals.
  • 4
    Add the Popupsmart's embed code into a tag on Google Tag Manager
  • 5
    Publish the tag on your Google Tag Manager. Its done!