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Are you a Sendloop user who wants to generate quality leads in a short time with smart popups?

With Popupsmart's user-friendly popup editor, you can easily create attractive popups – no coding or design skills are required. Use smart audience targeting to reach the right people. Keep an eye on your campaign's performance in real time and make adjustments to engage your visitors better.

You can easily integrate Popupsmart with Sendloop on Zapier. So let’s start if you’re ready!

Integrate Sendloop with Popupsmart

How to Integrate Popupsmart with Sendloop

There are some features that you need to have before the integration. These are:

  • A Popupsmart account
  • A verified website on your Popupsmart account
  • A campaign on Popupsmart to take the API key for the integration
  • A Sendloop account to integrate
  • A Zapier account to start the integration
  • Also, you should know that though we tell the process of the integration of Popupsmart and Sendloop via Zapier, you can also do it on Make with 1000 free data opportunities.

    1. After signing in to your Zapier account, you will see a ‘Make a Zap’ section on the dashboard. Fill in the necessary blanks for the information you need.

    You need to choose Popupsmart for ‘Connect this app…’ and Sendloop for ‘with this one!’.

    Then, choose New Popup Form Data for ‘When this happens…” and add or remove subscribers for “then do this” as your actions.

    New Popup Form Data

    After you have completed filling in the blanks, click Try it.

    2. Click Get Started to continue.

    Get Started

    3. To connect your Popupsmart, you need to go to your Popupsmart dashboard and create a campaign by adding a form input element. Then, click the form input element on the Customize step.

    connect your Popupsmart

    4. You need to choose Integration among the options and add integration.**

    add integration

    5. Then, find Zapier to Connect and find the API.

    find the API

    6. After choosing to connect Zapier, you need to Copy the API key to the clipboard.

    Copy the API key to the clipboard

    7. Paste it on the Zapier connection page, which Zapier has directed and click Yes, Continue.

    Paste it on the Zapier connection page

    If you have integrated your Popupsmart account for once, you don’t need to connect it again, and you only need to choose your account, like in the image below.

    choose your account

    8. You need to choose the campaign you have just created and take the API key to integrate for seamless integration.

    Then, you can click Next.

    take the API key to integrate for seamless integration

    9. The next step is to connect Sendloop by clicking Connect.

    The next step is to connect Sendloop

    10. To connect the Sendloop account, you need to go to your Sendloop dashboard and click Settings on the profile dropdown.

    click Settings

    11. Choose API Settings to reach the API.

    Choose API Settings

    12. You can copy the API generated, or you can create a new API Key for your integrations.

    You can copy the API generated

    13. Now, it’s time to paste your API key to the related place where Zapier directs you in the first place.

    paste your API key

    14. For customizing your integration of Popupsmart and Sendloop, you need to choose the list you want on your Sendloop account. Then, click Next.

    choose the list you want on your Sendloop

    15. After choosing the list, you must determine the map fields among the choices.

    you must determine the map fields among the choices

    16. To test the Zap, you must send a test and verify the action.

    send a test

    17. If the test is successful, as in the image below, you can click Next.

     you can click Next

    18. Be ready to turn your Zap on after the arrangements and click Turn on Zap. You can edit the actions as you like from the ‘Edit’ buttons.

    Click Turn on Zap

    19. Now, you can see your Sendloop & Popupsmart integration is ready to go!

    integration is ready to go

    You can follow the data you collect both on Sendloop and Popupsmart.

    You need to check Sendloop’s Subscribers page and Leads on your Popupsmart dashboard.

    Sendloop Popup FAQ

    Is Popupsmart compatible with all websites?

    Popupsmart can seamlessly integrate with the most preferred CMSs, such as;

    • WordPress
    • Shopify
    • Webflow
    • Weebly
    • Drupal
    • Joomla
    • Wix
    • GTM, and more.

    If your CMS is not on the list, do not worry. You can use Popupsmart for your website by adding a single code to your website’s source.

    Is Popupsmart free for Sendloop?

    You can use Popupsmart to create Sendloop popups for your website for free until your website hits 5.000 page views. Also, you can select a price after generating new subscribers via smart popups.

    What is required to integrate Popupsmart with Sendloop?

    All you need to do is create a Popupsmart account for free and connect it to Sendloop via Zapier. After activating the integration, you can display your Sendloop popups on your website and start collecting leads.

    Can the data automatically pass to Sendloop if someone fills in the popup form?

    Yes, it does. You can create Sendloop popup forms for your website via Popupsmart and wait for your new subscribers.

    The data someone fills in the popup form will automatically pass to your Sendloop contact list and the Leads on your Popupsmart dashboard.

    Can I grow my Sendloop email list with popups?

    Definitely! You can grow your Sendloop email list with Popupsmart’s stunning popup designs and advanced targeting options.

    How to add a Sendloop popup to your website using Popupsmart?

    Start creating a campaign on Popupsmart and add Sendloop popups to your website by integrating your Popupsmart account with Sendloop via Zapier.

    Do Popupsmart’s Sendloop popups slow down my website?

    The answer is no! Popupsmart works on your website with a one-line embed code.

    Therefore, your Sendloop popups will bring more email leads while your website loads quickly.

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