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Would you like to grow your email list efficiently? Or, wish to display a notification popup on your website? Meet the easiest way of conversion optimization.

Popupsmart has fully customizable popup templates that are compatible with the OpenCart system.

You can create perfect popups in 5 minutes by using our smart editor. Also, you don’t suppose to have experience in coding or designing.

Thanks to the advanced targeting options and display options of Popupsmart, you can reach the right kind of people at the right time leading to an increase in your revenue.

Our success managers will freely transfer your current popups to your new Popupsmart account if there is any.

Lastly, we know how outstanding the tracking results of your popup campaign instantly is, so we have an Analytics tab in the editor.

Ready to work together?

Create Your First Popup

How to Create a Opencart Popup with Popupsmart?

To start the integration process, you need to reach your OpenCart website"s admin panel and your Popupsmart dashboard.

1. Sign in to your Popupsmart and click Embed Code.

going to the embed code part

2. Copy your embed code to paste it.

copying the embed code

3. Now, go to your OpenCart admin panel, click Extensions on the left bar, and click Extensions under this tab again.

extensions opencart

4. Choose the extension type on the page you view now.

extension type opencart

5. Then, click the Install icon on the Google Analytics extension.

install extension opencart

6. Click Edit on the Your Store option.

edit your store opencart

7. Next, paste the code to the Google Analytics Code part and choose the status "Enabled." Lastly, click the saving icon at the top right.

save the code and status

8. Now, go to your Popupsmart dashboard and hover over the profile icon to click Websites.

websites section on profile

9. Click + New website on the Websites page.

adding a new website to popupsmart

10. Enter your OpenCart URL and click Save.

entering a website and clicking save button

And your website will be verified. Don’t forget to refresh your pages while verifying your website.

11. To create a campaign, click the Popupsmart icon and click + New Campaign button.

creating a new popup campaign

Name your campaign and choose your OpenCart website among the domains. Then, please click Save.

12. Choose one of the templates for your campaign. Customize your design and click Save, then Publish.

customize save and publish opencart popup

13. Now, your campaign will be published successfully, so you can start collecting data and engaging with your visitors.

publishing opencart popup

OpenCart Popup FAQ

Do I need designing skills to create OpenCart newsletter popup with Popupsmart?

No designing or coding skills are needed to create an OpenCart Newsletter Popup with Popupsmart.

Simply sign up for a free Popupsmart account, and you can utilize the free trial to create and display a newsletter popup on your OpenCart website until you reach 5,000 page views.

Upgrade your plan after the trial to continue driving more conversions.

How to create an OpenCart video popup with Popupsmart?

To create an OpenCart Video Popup with Popupsmart:

  • Log in to your Popupsmart dashboard.
  • Select the video popup template from the various templates available.
  • Customize the video popup as you desire.
  • Once customization is complete, your popup is ready to be published.

How to display an OpenCart popup on certain pages?

Displaying popups on specific pages is easy with Popupsmart's advanced targeting options:

  • Access the popup builder and navigate to "Audience Targeting."
  • Under "URL Browsing," find the targeting option.
  • Include or exclude specific URLs to control where your popups appear.

Can I increase sales with an OpenCart popup?

Certainly! Boost your sales with the right campaign design and targeting using Popupsmart:

  • Strengthen email marketing with subscription popups.
  • Promote products using product promotion popups.
  • Announce new or popular products with notification popups.

Do OpenCart popups affect my SEO?

No need to worry about SEO impact. Popupsmart's popup designs are SEO-friendly and fully compatible with Google's requirements.

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