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Jimdo is a website builder and hosting service designed to help users create their websites with basic coding skills.

Are you a Jimdo website owner and looking for a reliable popup builder to increase your conversion rates?

Then, we are here to help. Popupsmart provides impressive popups for your website specifically designed for your business objectives.

Create popups for your Jimdo website and benefit from Popupsmart’s advanced segmentation and targeting options to target the right segment of your audience and convert them to take the desired action.

Create Your First Popup

How to Add a Popup to Jimdo CMS

1. Sign up on Popupsmart.

2. Select your business objective in designing the popup.

3. Customize the popup according to digital marketing goals.

4. Embed the script code to your website source code.

5. Click on Save & Publish and enjoy engaging more visitors!

Jimdo CMS Popup FAQ

Who should use Jimdo popups?

If anyone is fond of running a business and wants to boost sales should use Jimdo and Popupsmart integration for their Jimdo websites.

Can I grow my Jimdo website with popups?

Sure! Why not one of them who grows their websites by choosing Popupsmart as their popup provider? The magic is in the builder, which is highly easy-to-use and has advanced features for targeting and segmentation.

Do popups increase the conversion rate for Jimdo websites?

Yes, they do. Popups aim to increase website interaction and conversion by capturing visitor attention, promoting specific actions, and offering targeted incentives. It's crucial to ensure that popups are well-designed and non-intrusive for a positive user experience.

Is Popupsmart free for Jimdo?

You have a chance to use Popupsmart for free on your Jimdo website. Start your free trial now and use it until your website hits 5.000 page views.

Do I need coding skills to create a popup for my Jimdo store?

No, you do not. The only coding skill you should know is to copy and paste the embedded code. Therefore, you can feel relieved for not dealing with all the codings of your Jimdo system.

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