Leverage the Power of Your Health & Beauty Store with Popups

Create captivating campaigns, offer discounts, and gather email addresses effortlessly. Beautify your store today! 💅🏻

Leverage the Power of Your Health & Beauty Store with Popups

Use Cases for the Health & Beauty Industry

After you decide on your campaign’s goal, get ready to reflect your brand on popups and spread the word.

Learn Feedback from Your Customers for a Product

Feedback always teaches. For the improvement of your products and seeing the impact of your efforts, collecting feedback with a practical popup will take you one step further.

Invite Your Visitors to Your Product Launch

Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your excitement and passion with your customers? You can decide who and when with Popupsmart’s advanced segmentation when you invite your visitors to your product launch.

Pro Tip

Be inclusive with your explanations and share necessary details. If you write about all the details, your popup will bore visitors. So be direct and effective.

Gather Email Subscriptions with a Discount

If you want to hit two birds with one stone, you can use a popup for two solutions as well. For example, you can both promote your products and gather email addresses. Besides, you can make your subscribers happy if your campaign includes a discount 😉

Pro Tip

For gathering email addresses, you can offer giveaways and discounts to your customers.

Provide Care Discounts with Social Proof

Another effective campaign is sharing the discount with a testimonial or endorsement. Persuade your target customers with social proof for your hair type analysis, keratin care, or skin and body health products.

Offer Fast Care Appointment Possibility

Are you looking for new ways of reaching your customers directly with their full consent? Here is the best way to do that. By displaying the appointment popup, you will be able to contact your counselee.

Pro Tip

Your form should not be too long to read and fill. Instead, you need to be as direct as possible and ask proper questions.

Make a Medical Announcement for Health

You may have no campaign, discount, or social proof to engage with your customers, but you still have a chance to interact with them: making announcements. With announcements, you will show your affection and help your visitors. Plus, if you have a related page, you can guide them 😌

Pro Tip

Your medical announcement may change based on your focus, but you should choose your font type related to the seriousness of the announcement.

Explore Popupsmart’s Shopify Recommendations

Explore Popupsmart’s Shopify Recommendations

As the choice of many e-commerce owners, Shopify is the leading e-commerce website platform, and we have the exact solutions for your Shopify store as well.

Using popups for your e-commerce store will turn your visitors into buyers with Popupsmart’s wide range of customization, segmentation and integration opportunities.