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What is Craft CMS?

Craft is a content management system founded in 2013 by Pixel & Tonic.

Users can manage the creation and modification of their digital content via this software application. As a blank slate, Craft puts content in the foreground.

It is a preferred CMS by many developers and content authors.

Craft CMS home page

What are the features of Craft CMS?

1. Simple and organized design

  • Custom Fields: You can set up custom fields based on your content’s specific needs and choose a suitable built-in and plugin for your field types.
  • Section Types: You can manage your entries depending on your use case under three types of sections.
  • Relations: By using Craft’s relationship system, you can relate entries, tags, assets, categories, users, and plugin-supplied element types.
  • Categories and Tags
  • Multi-site: You can manage the content for multiple websites from a single Craft installation
  • Localization: You can localize all your website contents to target specific languages and territories.
  • Matrix: You can manage multiple content types in one section and create repeating and mixed content types with the Matrix field.
  • Entry Types: You can manage multiple types of content under Entry types.
  • Forms: You can use form builder plugins for your website available in the Plugin Store.

2. Easy Site Management

  • Live Preview: You can see how your content will look on your website with Live Preview and share your draft with others using private preview URLs.
  • Asset Management: Craft offers a desktop-class asset manager built-in through which you can define volumes, subfolders, and view files in list or thumbnail views.
  • Image Editor
  • User-Management: You can easily manage user groups, set permissions, or allow public user registration.
  • Dashboard: Customizable dashboards for each user. You can also manage your site from tablets or smartphones as its dashboard is fully responsive.
  • One-click Update

3. Create and Manage an Ecommerce Store

  • Tight Integration: You can manage your products and the rest of your website’s content under the Control Panel.
  • Custom Order Fields: By simply adding custom fields to your orders, you can track any order information.
  • Order Management: You can keep track of in-progress carts and completed orders and set custom order statuses.
  • Products and Variants: You can create product types to display similar products to your customers.
  • Subscriptions: You can let your customers sign-up for a subscription and keep track of their subscription status.
  • Taxes and Shipping: You can set the tax rules and shipping methods.

4. Toolkit

  • Plugin Store
  • Debug Toolbar
  • Templating

5. Documentation

Craft CMs has an informative set of documentation to guide users for a better experience with the product.

6. Craft’s template system is powered by Twig

Craft's integration with Twig allows users to create layout-based templates, reusable macros, template short tags, template logic and function.

7. Pricing

Craft CMS offers three pricing plans.

  • Solo: Build a personal website that is forever free.
  • Pro: For professional usage for a client/a team for $299 per project
  • Enterprise Plan