What is Cost per Click (CPC)?

Cost per click is the amount you pay on an advertising platform for each click.

Cost Per Click CPC Definition and Formula

CPC is the English abbreviation of Cost Per Click. CPC is a calculation model for online advertising. An amount is actually agreed per click. The advertiser pays a certain amount at a time when the advertisement is clicked. The number of times the ad is displayed is separate from it. For example, an ad can display 100 times and receive 10 clicks. The CPC calculation model only pays the clicks.

Automatic CPC Bidding

You can choose automatic bidding and bidding manually. With automatic bidding, Google chooses the bid amounts that fallwithin your budget. Be careful not to put your daily budget too high, because it can go hard! Automatic bidding is useful if you haven't mastered the AdWords system as well. With manual bidding, however, you can achieve a better return.

Manual CPC Bidding

With manual bidding you choose the bid amounts yourself. The advantage is that you have full control over the amount you have for a click. Manually bidding is advisable if, for example, you have more money for one word than for another word. With automatic bidding you don't have this in hand.

Maximum CPC Bidding

Google AdWords can give you a maximum of the cost of a click, which is the maximum CPC bid (Max CPC). This is the highest amount The advertiser is willing to pay for a click. Sometimes the CPC pricing model also mentions pay per click (PPC, Pay-per-click).