What is Cost Per Acquisition?

Cost Per Acquisition Formula

How much it costs to acquire a new customer—sometimes stated as cost per conversion.

With cost per acquisition CPA, an advertiser pays for the actual revenue from a marketing campaign. This lowers the risk of the advertiser and encourages publishers and affiliates to make statements as attractive and effective as possible. You only pay more than with CPL if the potential customer really does what you want him to do. In this way you know for sure that every promotion hits the mark and generates revenue for your own company. The CPA is of course higher than, for example, a CPC. It is often more complicated how an action must be measured. Not all websites where you can advertise will offer you this option. You must be able to track the customer in the web analysis software, in order to be able to measure which sale or registration is taking place as a result of those advertisements. The use of temporary discount codes is another way to measure which sales are associated with the campaign.

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