Best 6 Zapier Alternatives in 2023: Review and Comparison

This is an undeniable fact that everything seems easy on the Internet these days at first, but if you have to deal with codes, applications, and all that stuff as an ecommerce owner, things can get complicated.

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So, as you may be familiar with the applications that might help you to automate your website, you must know Zapier.

This is basically an easy automation tool for the business owners who are busy with their work and need a kind of helping hand.

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However, Zapier is not the only automation and integration tool in the world and there are many better automation and integration tools.

In this article, we gather Best 6 Zapier Alternatives in 2023 you can use and let’s see what we’ve got:

Why You May Consider the Alternatives for Zapier

Yes, we started to talk about Zapier directly, but for the ones who have little knowledge about Zapier maybe we need to mention more to be able to see advantages and disadvantages of it.

Here are some details:


What does Zapier do well?

“The easiest way to automate your work” says Zapier.

  • Really easy and known for its simplicity
  • No coding or programming languages
  • No complex API setup
  • Not reliable when you use vital business tools
  • Not replaceable with an one-to-tone communication
  • User interface is cool

What does Zapier do bad?

  • Only English is supported
  • Though Zapier is known for its development, there are still some native apps that should be integrated
  • No warning when something is wrong with integration
  • Customer support can sometimes be slow moving
  • Search filter needs improving
  • Free plan has limited qualifications
  • Not so cost-effective
  • Notifications can get better

G2 Reviews of Zapier: 4.5 out of 5

Being the easiest automation tool of all is not always enough.

We know pros can be like fairy tales, but they also prevent you from seeing the truth.

Plus, when you consider social proof examples, Zapier is not replaceable with those cons you have observed.

Therefore, the best Zapier alternatives are here for you to help.

Top 6 Zapier Alternatives Comparison


Best 6 Zapier Alternatives in 2023

We have many other choices instead of Zapier that can appeal to your brands.

Apparently, Zapier serves a lot, but there are more to offer and something that Zapier cannot do.

You’re invited to start examining!

1. Make (formerly Integromat)

Make website

“Achieve more in less time with fewer people” says Make. It tries to take your burden like other integration tools.

Founded in 2012, it gets attention because it displays a revolutionary portrait to you unlike Zapier, regarded as conventional in techniques by many.


  • Favourable software
  • Many integrations available
  • Unavailable tools can be filled with internal ones
  • No-code automation
  • Visual workflow editing
  • Graphical user interface
  • Opportunity of having many functions and possibilities


  • Only available in Czech and English
  • Difficult to adapt at first
  • Complicated workflows
  • Errors are hard to fix
  • Documentation needs improving

G2 Reviews of Make: 4.8 out of 5

Capterra Reviews of Make: 4.8 out of 5

2. Workato

Workato website

Workato claims that it is “The Modern Leader in Automation”. We know, it sounds so assertive.

It works with both business and IT teams at the same time.

Workato never steps back in its quality in the sense of its promises to its customers to persuade.


  • No coding required
  • Utilizes Machine Learning
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy to learn and teach with low-code
  • Many available connectors
  • Favored customization
  • Lots of pre-built connectors


  • Only English is supported
  • Some integrations are testing-in-progress
  • Errors are complicated to comprehend
  • Extreme learning curve
  • Help documentation is not enough

G2 Reviews of Workato: 4.7 out of 5

3. Integrately

Integrately website

Integrately’s motto is “8 Million+ Ready Automations For 650+ Apps”.

With its prizes, Integrately provides easy automation with only one click.

Although Integrately is a new tool, it is highly promising in creating workflows and being one of the Zapier alternatives here.


  • The number of integrations is rising
  • Elegant UI
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable to be proper
  • Likable UX
  • Help documentation with video tutorials


  • Newly established
  • Difficult learning curve
  • Less user-friendly
  • Needs developing
  • Missing text integration
  • No visible constructor



“Work Super Smart” says It is enough and not enough to prefer. is a cloud-based platform that connects apps easily and tries to offer you the best and easy working area.


  • No coding, only drag-and-drop
  • Simple UX
  • Organized flow of tasks
  • Offers security and reliability
  • Offers software choices
  • Educative side about technology and the process


  • Only English is supported
  • Limited number of available apps
  • More documentation needed
  • More integration needed
  • Error codes should be in plain English

5. Celigo

Celigo website

“The right iPaaS for IT and Business Teams alike” says Celigo.

Founded in 2006, it serves both IT professionals and business owners as well.

The brand who continues to use new products have qualities as follows:


  • Good at pulling and pushing data
  • Cares about digital transformation
  • Easy to setup and work
  • Has a university to educate
  • Simple UI
  • Creating custom integrations to any API
  • Likable dashboard


  • Only English is supported
  • Steep learning curve
  • Error messages are not descriptive enough
  • Lack of pre-built connector
  • Complex and failing flows

G2 Reviews of Celigo: 4.6 out of 5


IFTTT website

IFTTT is the abbreviation of ‘If This Then That’.

It is basically a connectivity platform that also deals with your home automation.

Though there is not a clear motto specific to IFTTT, its name is a motto.

It is, also, obvious to say that it has a great effect since it reaches 140 countries and has 17 million consumers.


  • Easy to setup
  • Many new applets
  • Useful to use as a reminder
  • No coding
  • Safe to use
  • Mobile support offered
  • Clean and nice UI
  • Successful home automation integrator
  • Offers a number of pre-built recipes


  • Problem of learning curve
  • Lack of multi-step functions
  • Limited integration options sometimes
  • Some connection issues
  • Service may stop working sometimes

G2 Reviews of IFTTT: 4.5 out of 5

The Outstanding Features of Zapier Alternatives

Make if you look for the language support more than only English,

Workato if you look for a tool effective in both IT and business,

Integrately if you look for a new but promising tool, if you look for the educative side of integration,

Celigo if you look for the best customer support,

IFTTT if you look for home automation as well.

The Best Alternative for Zapier

Now, it is the time for you to choose among the 6 Zapier alternatives.

We recommend you to pick the best tool by considering their features from the "The Outstanding Features of Zapier Alternatives".

All the alternatives we have shared can be quite helpful for your business' development, and you are so lucky if you are in search for a Zapier alternatives.

Wrap Up

To consider what we collect from the beginning, you must now be aware of the fact that Zapier is not the only tool you can apply when we mention integration and automation.

By examining them, you can choose another one with peace of mind.

Moreover, the alternatives here offer more and more than Zapier so that we could approach them for their extra qualities that can be seen better than Zapier itself.

All 6 Zapier alternatives present such a bright picture that you may be more willing to choose one of them to give you a helping hand in easing your integration processes.

Good luck with the alternatives!

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