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13 Best Dynamic QR Code Generators with Comparison

An effective and reliable QR code generator is essential to make the most of QR codes for your business.

QR codes have become an essential part of modern marketing and advertising, offering businesses a quick and convenient way to share information with customers.

With a simple scan of a smartphone camera, QR codes can take customers to a specific website, store contact information, or provide access to other types of information.

In this blog post, we'll explore the various options for generating QR codes and discuss the features and benefits of each.

Whether you're a small business owner, marketer, or just looking to try out QR codes for personal use, this post will provide you with the information you need to choose the right QR code generator for your needs.

What is a QR Code?

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned by a smartphone camera to quickly redirect the user to a specific website, store contact information, or provide access to other types of information.

Dynamic and Static QR Codes

Static and dynamic QR codes are two types of QR codes that differ in their ability to store and change information.

Static QR codes are pre-generated codes that contain a fixed amount of information, such as a URL or contact information.

Once generated, the information in a static QR code cannot be changed.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are generated dynamically and can be updated and changed at any time.

This type of code is beneficial for businesses that need to update information frequently or track engagement with their codes.

In summary, static QR codes are a good option for simple, one-time uses, while dynamic QR codes offer greater flexibility and customization options for businesses that need to update their information or track engagement frequently.

How to Choose The Best Dynamic QR Code Generator

abstract QR code background

There are various QR code generators, but finding the right dynamic QR code generator can be a bit tricky.

We'll make it easy for you with simple tips. By exploring these points, you can have a better understanding of how to choose the best dynamic QR code generator:

  • User-friendly interface: Select a QR code generator with a user-friendly interface. Look for a tool that includes an easy-to-use dashboard and steps to create a QR code.
  • Customization options: Pick a QR code generator that lets you make your QR codes unique with customization capabilities. Check if the tool has the option to add logos and change colors and sizes to match your style.
  • QR code types: Make sure the tool has QR code types that work for your QR code needs, whether it's a text, URL, vCard, or Wi-Fi.
  • Analytics features: Tracking your QR code's performance is crucial. Look for a QR code generator that offers analytics and tracking features.
  • Pricing: Consider your budget while choosing a QR code generator. Some are free, while others need a paid plan. Evaluate the features of paid plans and make an informed decision.

Top 13 Dynamic QR Code Generators

Comparison of QR Code Generators
QR Code Generator Number of QR Code Types Starting Pricing Bulk Creation
QR Code Dynamic 13 Free No
Uniqode 14 $5 Yes
QRTIGER 20 $7 Yes
Flowcode 7 Free No
QR Code Generator Pro 13 $8,52 Yes
The QR Code Generator 9 Free No
QR.io 15 $35 No
QRcodeChimp 39 Free Yes
QRStuff 24 Free Yes
 QR Code Generator by Unitag 8 Free No
Me QR 28 Free Yes
QR Code Monkey 22 Free Yes
Scanova 23 $9 Yes

1. QR Code Dynamic

QR Code Dynamic is one of the easiest ways to create a custom QR code. It offers highly customizable QR codes created in minutes.

It is a versatile and dynamic QR code generator that offers an array of features for all your QR code needs.

qrcodedynamic qr code generator's homepage with the headline on top followed by two buttons and an image of the tool in action with different types of QR codes

With its 13 different QR code types, you have the flexibility to choose the type that best suits your requirements. The highly customizable nature of the QR code generator allows you to personalize your codes to reflect your brand.

With its tracking pixels feature, you can monitor the success of your QR codes and make informed decisions. You can either connect your own domain or use the predefined ones.


  • Has a free plan.
  • User-friendly and fully customizable.
  • Does not carry brand mark even on Free Plan.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • No ads on the dashboard on any of the plans.


  • So far, so good. If you see anything to write here, let us know!

Price: The guest plan allows you to create a QR code for free, with 13 types of QR codes to choose from without even creating an account.

If you create an account, you can use the free plan, which offers features like three saved QR codes, one dynamic link, one project, and 1 pixel.

The pro plan is $29 with features like unlimited saved QR codes, unlimited dynamic links, unlimited projects, unlimited pixels, and unlimited QR codes with custom domains.

A user review: "That’s a time-saving tool! I used email and WhatsApp QR codes for my business and although I changed my email later on, it continued to work. The best feature I can mention is its being dynamic and reachable all the time."

2. Uniqode (Formerly Beaconstac)

Uniqode’s QR Code solution is an enterprise-ready QR code generator that offers custom QR code creation, bulk QR creation, and digital business cards for multiple use cases.

You can manage and personalize all your QR code campaigns from a single place and measure their engagement in real-time. The solution is also GDPR and SOC Type 2 compliant for ensuring maximum security for your QR codes.

the landing page of Uniqode's qr code generator


  • Intuitive UI that makes it easy to use the platform
  • Integration with Google Analytics and numerous CRMs and HR tools
  • Allows to generate up to 2000 QR codes in one go
  • A dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7


  • The starter plan doesn’t offer GPS tracking or bulk creation
  • There are no free forever plans, only a 14-day free trial period

Price: There is a 14-day free trial period available. The Starter plan is priced at $5/month. The Lite plan is priced at $15, the Pro plan is available at $49, and the Plus plan is charged at $99.

All plans are billed annually. Enterprise businesses with extensive requirements will receive a custom quote.

Uniqode Capterra Rating: 4.0/5

Uniqode G2 Rating: 4.9/5

A user review: “I was somewhat intimidated going in, but once I was on the website, it is so intuitive and user-friendly, I picked it up super-quick.

I wish there were a few more options in terms of levels- seemed like they jumped from pretty pedestrian to enterprise, with not a good middle ground.”


QRTIGER QR code generator helps you create a static or dynamic QR code.

Their QR codes do not carry ads because they believe the customers should have a private experience.

QRtiger qr code generator's homepage with the QR code types listed next to each other on top and there is a URL box below followed by QR code customization steps

It is fully compliant with GDPR, and you can create up to 1,000 new branded links per second.


  • Data tracking is available
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to integrate into your site, easy to integrate with all API and shopping cart functions
  • Helpful to have QR codes for contactless agendas, sign-up forms, registration forms, and easily changeable URLs for event information


  • No ease of use for a mobile device
  • Website UX is poor

Price: There is a free trial with three dynamic QR codes, but there is a QRTiger logo popup in the free trial.

The regular plan is $7/mo with features like 12 dynamic QR codes, high-resolution images, and the ability to track the number of scans.

The advanced plan is $16/mo with features like 200 dynamic QR codes, QR codes in bulk, retarget tool, expiry, and integration options.

The premium plan is $37/mo with features like multi-URL QR codes, using your own domain, and geolocation tracking.

QRTIGER G2 Rating: 4.8/5

A user review: “Very user-friendly and simple to create new campaigns. Pricing is very affordable for small businesses. Customization tools are very good.

I would prefer to be able to customize the destination URL so that I can use my own domain name in the destination URL.”

4. Flowcode

Flowcode is a DTC company that creates direct links between brands and consumers using QR technology and data-driven design for fast, secure, and easy contactless connections.

flowcode qr code generator's homepage with a green bacground and a white headline on the left followed by two buttons to contact and on the right there is an image of Kim Kardashian with a QR code on the corner of the image next to a phone

It centralizes your online presence on a mobile-friendly page for deeper audience engagement with real-time analytics.


  • Detailed scan analytics like device, day of the week, time of day, date
  • Various scan destinations
  • Integrates with major platforms
  • Email report scheduling


  • Advanced features require an upgrade
  • Customization options could be improved

Price: There is a forever free basic plan with features like 2 Flowcodes, 2 Flowpages, unlimited scans, and one seat.

The pro plan is $5/mo, billed annually, and includes up to 10 Flowcodes and up to 10 Flowpages.

The pro plus plan is $25/mo, billed annually, and includes up to 50 Flowcodes, up to 50 Flowpages.

The growth plan is $250/mo, billed annually and includes up to 500 Flowcodes, and up to 150 Flowpages.

Flowcode G2 Rating: 4.8/5

Flowcode Capterra Rating: 5.0/5

A user review: “The best customer service, hands down, it was great overall.

The most I liked about Flowcode was the customization of the product. It was beautifully designed and placed!

The thing I liked least about Flowcode was that it was difficult to understand. From the beginning to the end.”

5. QR Code Generator Pro

QR Code Generator Pro is an easy-to-use solution to design and track QR codes for your mobile marketing campaign.

QR code generator pro's homepage with a background featuring qr code types on the left with an empty field to put files or URLs and on the right, there are customization options and a QR code preview

The good part is that these QR codes have built-in landing pages designed to be displayed across any device.


  • Easy to use
  • Tracks the number of scans
  • Several options for customizing the code
  • Easy to integrate into marketing materials


  • Dynamic QR Code is a paid service, not free
  • The free version only lets you have two QR codes at a time
  • Customer support is poor
  • Customer reviews express automatic renewal without giving notice as an issue

Price: There is a 14-day trial with very limited features.

The starter plan is $8,52/mo when billed annually. You can only create two dynamic QR codes in the starter plan.

The advanced plan is $13,31/mo when billed annually. You can create 50 dynamic QR codes, have unlimited scans, and bulk create 100 QR codes.

The professional plan is $39,94/mo when billed annually. You can create 250 dynamic QR codes, have 10,000 API requests, and more.

QR Code Generator Pro Capterra Rating: 2.7/5

QR Code Generator Pro G2 Rating: 2.5/5

A user review: “Great options for design and functionality is strong. Always seems to work properly. Great tool overall.

The biggest issue is that the subscription plans that are available are very limiting. It's hard to utilize this tool for the exact number of codes that you need.”

6. The QR Code Generator

The QR Code Generator provides a free solution for creating customizable static QR codes to meet your specific requirements.

The homepage view of The QR Code Generator which is one of the best dynamic QR code generators

This generator provides various functionalities such as text encoding, URL encoding, contact information encoding (vCards), making calls, and sending SMS messages.

Additionally, users can access the dynamic QR Code option by upgrading.

Furthermore, The QR Code Generator offers an additional feature of creating a unique URL that directs users to your content.

By tracking views and offering straightforward statistics, this feature enables you to monitor the impact and effectiveness of your marketing endeavors while gaining insights into the performance of your QR Codes.


  • It is a free QR Code generator
  • Rich customization features
  • Basic tracking capabilities
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Suited for only small and mid-sized businesses due to its limited features
  • Finding the dynamic QR Code generator’s features and price might be tricky

Price: It’s free to use.

However, if you want to access a custom domain and other features, you will have to upgrade your plan.

For the time being, The QR Code Generator has no ratings available on review platforms.

7. QR.io

QR.io enables you to monitor the number of scans for your QR Codes, including location and date information.

QR.io QR code generator's homepage with the QR code types on the left followed by a URL box and customization button and on the right, there is a QR code preview

Additionally, even if you're not tech-savvy, you can design personalized landing pages for your QR Codes without needing any coding skills.


  • Dynamic and static QR codes
  • QR code statistics
  • Fully customized landing pages
  • Customized colors and shapes for QR codes
  • No coding required


  • Static QR code types could be enriched
  • The basic plan might be pricey

Price: There is a 7-day free trial if you want to try it out first.

The monthly plan is $35 with unlimited QR codes, unlimited scans, and more.

The yearly plan is $350 and includes the same features as the monthly plan.

QR.io G2 Rating: 4.5/5

A user review: I believe the greatest feature of QR.io is the fact that you can create dynamic codes and analytics; while very basic, they are incredibly helpful. And their interface, while incredibly simple, is feature-rich.

I think the only thing I don't like personally is that you can't delete QR codes; there might be a reasoning behind that; I have to make a good number of test and demo codes, and I am ultimately stuck with them, not that it's taking up any space, but I believe it would be great to have the ability to delete them.”

8. QRcodeChimp

QRcodeChimp is a QR code generator for businesses and marketing that allows you to create and manage QR codes with logos, advanced analytics, bulk uploads, APIs, and customizable shapes.

QRcodeChimp's homepage with the QR code types on top followed URL or text box on the left and on the right, there is a QR code preview with small QR code icons under it

You can use it for websites, social media, apps, forms, URLs, vCards, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. It's available online for free and offers hundreds of customization options.


  • Forever free plan provides ten dynamic QR codes
  • 3D QR feature
  • Pre-designed QR templates
  • Ability to receive daily analytics via email


  • Unlimited scan option is only available for the highest plan
  • Finding the older QR codes might be confusing for some

Price: There is a forever free plan with unlimited static QR codes.

The starter plan is $6.99/mo when paid yearly.

The pro plan is $13.99/mo when paid yearly.

The ultima plan is $34.99/mo when paid yearly.

QRcodeChimp G2 Rating: 4.9/5

QRcodeChimp Capterra Rating: 4.8/5

A user review: “Overall, I think the service is very good; it's very dynamic and easy to use.

The possibility of customizing the QR code is something fantastic, as we are very appreciative of leaving our mark or mentioning our brand in everything we do. The quality of code management offered by Chimp is also something that impressed me a lot.

We used it in an action in which we displayed the QR code on a screen, and it was reported to us that the code reading sometimes fails a little, depending on the distance from the camera that is scanning the code.”

9. QRStuff

QRStuff offers a free version of its QR generator, making it one of the best free tools on the market — perfect for startups and individuals with limited marketing budgets.

Its paid version gives access to unlimited dynamic QR codes for small businesses looking for a more flexible price.

QRstuff QRcode generator's homepage with "Free QR Code Generator" headline bold on top followed by QR type options on the left and on the right, there is a QR code preview with three download buttons below

It allows businesses to create and test customized QR code campaigns, track analytics, or create bulk codes.

QRStuff's pricing options are ideal for companies looking to run a short-term QR code campaign.


  • Easy to use
  • Generate QR Codes in printable formats - either a single code or an array of codes
  • Create a QR Code and then email it to someone.
  • Generate unlimited numbers of high-resolution QR Codes


  • Ads might be disturbing
  • The interface might come across as confusing

Price: There is a free suite with unlimited static codes and 10 dynamic codes, but dynamic editing is not available in the free plan.

The full suite costs $12.95/mo, but it’s subject to VAT in some European regions.

QRStuff's G2 Rating: 5.0/5 (with only one review)

A user review: “QR stuff is incredibly easy to use and user friendly. I use it for my job to create QR codes for marketing purposes. I like that you can create different sizes for different needs.

There are quite a few ads on the website, and I suspect if you were not tech savvy, it would be a little confusing to know what kind of size to use or where to input the URL on the website.”

10. QR Code Generator by Unitag

Unitag helps organizations create unique, dynamic, and smart QR codes for various purposes, such as creating short digital links and marketing campaigns.

unitag QR code generator's homepage with the headline on the left followed by a piece of text and "start now for free" button, and on the right, there is an illustration of a woman scanning the QR code on the wall using her phone

The company has a reputation for delivering quality services and is relied upon by its clients to manage their QR code needs.


  • HD downloads
  • Campaign management features
  • Precise geolocation module
  • Ability to create sub-campaigns


  • In order to create an unlimited number of QR codes, you need to purchase the highest plan.
  • Customer support could be improved.
  • Customization flexibility could be better.

Price: The free plan offers 3 QR codes, full customization, and quick analytics. The Standard plan starts at $17.28/month and includes 100 dynamic QR codes, custom short URLs, two weeks history, and more.

The Gold plan starts at $49/month and includes 500 dynamic QR codes, organizations, three months of history, and more.

The Platinum plan starts at $99/month and includes unlimited dynamic QR codes, three years of history, sub-organisations, and more.

11. Me QR

Me QR allows users to create static and dynamic QR codes easily. It provides various QR code types, including URL, Wi-Fi, vCard, PDF, and so on.

Me QR QR code generator's homepage with

This dynamic QR code generator also provides tracking and analytics capabilities so that users can track the performance of their QR codes.


  • More than 1000 frames
  • Bulk QR code creation
  • Multi-user account access
  • Unlimited QR code creation and scans


  • File download options only include PNG and SVG
  • API is only available at the premium plan

Price: A Free plan is available and offers unlimited QR codes, analytics, trackable QR codes, and more.

The lite plan starts at $5.75 and includes a personal support manager and more.

The premium plan costs $8.25 and includes 500 MB of file storage and API.

12. QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is a free QR code generator with user-friendly features.

QR Code Monkey QR code generator's homepage with

It offers capabilities like setting colors, adding logos, and customizing design, which can help you create QR codes that suit your brand.


  • Bulk creation and editing
  • Scan statistics
  • Logo can be added, and body shape and eye frame shape can be changed
  • Images can be downloaded as PNG, SVG, PDF, or EPS


  • You need to upgrade for pro features
  • The user interface can be improved

Price: Free plan is available. You need to upgrade for dynamic QR codes.

13. Scanova

Scanova is another QR code generator with solutions for engaging your visitors and audience. It includes 23 QR code types that suit different needs.

Scanova QR code generator's homepage with

Also, this tool has capabilities like mobile landing pages, high-resolution QR codes, and enterprise solutions.


  • 23 QR code types
  • Mobile landing pages and engaging content solutions
  • QR code APIs
  • File download options include PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF, and EPS formats


  • Free plan is not available
  • User interface can be enhanced to be more modern

Price: The lite plan starts at $9/m and provides unlimited scans and unlimited dynamic QR Codes, custom-designed QR Codes, and more.

The standard plan starts at $35/m and provides custom dynamic URL hash, password-protected codes, Google Analytics integration, and more.

The pro plan starts at $75/m and provides white-labeled mobile landing pages, event/click tracking, and more.

For the enterprise plan details, reach out to the sales team.

Scanova G2 Rating: 4.7/5

Scanova Capterra Rating: 4.5/5

A user review: "The customer support is really fast and extremely efficient in solving issues. They bring real custom-made solutions to me and were able to set up a special account, allowing a set of 5 lifetime dynamic QR codes to fill my needs.

Can't access the GPS location with the lifetime QR code."

8 Common QR Code Use Cases

Website links: QR codes can quickly redirect users to a specific website. Simply scan the code, and the user will be taken directly to the website.

Contact information: They can also be used to store contact information, such as a business's address, phone number, and email address.

Digital business cards: Another use case of QR codes is making it a digital version of a traditional business card, allowing users to quickly and easily store a person's contact information on their smartphone.

Event tickets: QR codes can be used as electronic tickets for events, such as concerts or sporting events, reducing the need for physical tickets and making it easier to manage entry.

Product information: They can be used to provide customers with more information about a product, such as its ingredients or manufacturing process.

Coupons and discounts: They are an innovative way to offer customers discounts and coupons. Simply scan the code, and the discount will be applied.

Marketing and advertising: QR codes can be used in marketing materials, such as flyers and posters, to quickly redirect customers to a specific website or offer more information about a product or service.

Virtual tours: Using QR codes for virtual tours might be new for some, but it’s growing in popularity. They are used to provide virtual tours of a location, such as a museum or historic site, providing users with information and multimedia content about the location.

Before You Leave…

With a wide range of options available, choosing a generator that meets your specific needs and offers the features and benefits you require is important.

Whether you're looking for a free and simple generator for personal use or a more advanced option for professional marketing campaigns, there's sure to be a QR code generator that fits the bill.

By utilizing a reliable and effective QR code generator, businesses can create eye-catching and informative codes that help drive customer engagement and boost brand recognition.

So, if you're ready to start incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy, consider exploring the options available and choose the generator that's right for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do QR Codes Expire?

QR codes normally do not have an expiration date and will continue to work if they are not damaged or covered.

However, the information inside the QR code, such as a website link, can become outdated or invalid over time, or the QR code generator will have a scan limit.

If this happens, the QR code will not direct to a working page when scanned. To keep the QR code working and relevant, it's essential to regularly check and update the information inside it or find the right QR code generator.

2. Can QR Codes be Copied?

Yes, it is possible to copy QR codes like any other digital image. If someone has the QR code image, they can easily duplicate it.

However, just having a copy of the QR code does not mean that the information it holds can be accessed.

There might be security measures in place, like a password or encryption. If the information in the QR code is changed or removed, even a copied code will not work.

3. Are there any Free QR Code Generators Available?

Yes, there are many free QR code generators available, some of which offer basic features such as generating QR codes for URLs, while others offer more advanced features for a fee.

However, it's important to be cautious when using free QR code generators, as some may place advertising or collect data without your consent.

Before using a free QR code generator, make sure to review its terms of service and privacy policy carefully.

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